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June 03 SGHT 65wxw review dispells myths (1 Viewer)

ross ish

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Nov 18, 2002
The review put to rest several rumors about the 20B series brought up in this and other forums. The reviewer is Michael Fremer, the calibrator is Kevin Miller.

1)The 65xwx does not have the PQ as the 57 inch; brightness, sharpness, corner to corner geometry.
2)The 20B series suffer from ghosting, pastel, red push, electric greens, soft picture, gray-scale

OTB, my 65xwx had an awfully good picture. The set had deep blacks, great brightness, vivid and well saturated colors. The overall effect was a 3-D experience that had images popping off of the screen. The set did not have any pastel or ghosting. The only input that had an over the top reds is the HD input (turning down the color worked). I did not notice the electric greens or at least it does not bother me. My set came from UECWeb; maybe their set rebuilders do a better job calibrating than Hitachi’s production line. By the way, the set was mfg 10/02 and was delivered in perfect condition. The set had the new wood/electronic smell. My only negative is that while some images look razor sharp, others look soft and even blurry. I believe this is due to program material rather than set decoding problems. A service tech came out and said the set’s focus was perfect and the PQ was better than any Hitachi set he has seen, including his own.

Here is the synopsis of the article:

Calibration-”The 65xwx20b’s scaler’s performance was adequate though not state-of-the art…” “…the 65xwx20b precalibration gray scale were not as far off as what he measured with the 57swx20b.” “…I saw nothing indicating a gray scale tracking problem…(post calibration)” “Convergence was extremely stable; I was impressed by how well coverged the test patterns were, even in extreme corners. I noticed no post calibration red push…I have been told that the 65xwx20b uses a more accurate decoder than the 51swx.” “Geometry was outstanding…” “On the pluge pattern, I noted less crescent shaped reflection than any RPTV I’ve seen.” “The uniformity of color and light output were also outstanding, and video noise was extremely low.” “…the post calibration Utravision 65xwx20b was, in most respects, exemplary.-MF”

Review-“Once calibrated, the Utravision 65xwx20b DVD performance was flat out sensational.” Michael went on to say when comparing the 65xwx to a plasma “…the clarity and razor sharp focus, particularly at the sides and corners were still impressive. Colors were richly saturated, creating a mesmerizing, transparent, 3-dimensional picture..you can buy greater detail and sharpness from some very expensive plasmas,…but you will be giving up the rich blacks and improved low-level details you can get here for much less money..” Michael observations with regards to HD OTA “…the best of it looks spectacularly good on this set.” Michael comments with regards to slightly inaccurate gray scale …”the Utravision subjective color and black-and-white performance was exemplary.”

Michael went on to say that he bought the review sample. His neighbor bought one too.

The reviewer mentioned that the picture was near perfect.

Steve Schaffer

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Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer
Maybe they just got one of the good ones?

Too many reports of the posterization from too many people, especially Michael TLV whose seen many of these sets to dismiss this as a myth based on one magazine's test of one mfg supplied set.
I've seen it myself on a 10B, so I know what it looks like and the description of it on the 20b matches my own experience.

There are also enough owners like you reporting they don't have the problem to convince me this is not a problem that effects every 20b.

It's just as unfair to say all of them have it as it is to say none of them do.

Hitachi is, if I remember correctly, the biggest selling HD-ready widescreen set on the market and I can't believe this would be the case if they all had the posterization/pastel problem. If you'd seen it you would not live with it and lots of people are living quite happily with these sets.

I would not buy one without a good return policy, but I would not buy any rptv from any other mfg without a good return policy so that's no slam against Hitachi.

While I do beleive the pastel thing exists on a number of these, I don't think it's as common as some other problems on other makes.

John Royster

Oct 14, 2001
Review units.

With experience of other hitachis the problems are very apparent. There is no dispelling of myths, there are no "myths", the symptoms described are real.

With that being said all TVs have their issues. Hitachi is no different.

mits = red push, poor de-interlacer
sony = flicker
hitachi = ghosting, greens, pastel

and so on and so forth.

Steve Schaffer

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Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer
And if you luck out and get a sample without the problem you have a great set.

I lucked out and got an early production HW Sony without the flicker, and I'm sure there are lots of Hitachi owners with no pastel problem.

It's also important to keep current and not assume that a problem widely reported a couple of years ago still plagues a certain make.

Sony's original DRC line doubling resulted in a way too soft picture, but they improved it around 01 or so. Many current Mits models allow adjustment of the color decoder in the user menu to get rid of the infamous red-push, and I'm starting to see reports of flickering on makes other than Sony over at AVS.

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