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May 26, 1999
I produce radio programs about modern music and sometimes film music, so I thought some of you might be interested in this...
I guess Davis is an o.k. composer. After listening to this CD I feel he owes as much to Williams, Korngold and Herrmann as Williams owes to Korngold, Herrmann and Wagner.
There are some interesting "action" tracks in this CD which sound like variations on Williams and his precursers even when not directly quoting Williams. The quotes from Williams' JP motifs are frequent, but not over-bearing.
The pounding, percussive sound from the last half of the JPIII trailer are not on the soundtrack. Overall, it's a full-blown orchestral score with a couple of wordless choral bits here and there. I haven't heard the first two JP soundtracks for a long time, but there is one "romantic" theme here that I assume is a Davis original. It tries to capture a Coplandish wilderness sound, but ends up sounding like a theme from last weeks Hollywood muzak score played backwards.
The annoying song "Big Hat, No Cattle" makes, in my opinion, the CD 50 minutes as oppossed to 54:30. Since it appears after the track titled "End Credits" I assume it's an incidental bit of background noise somewhere in the movie.
There are PC "extras" on the CD:
The full theatrical trailer, a printed interview with Don Davis (who says that this JP is "darker" than the first two), a weblink, and a gallery of stills from the movie.
There's also a "Jurassic Park Survival" video game spot, which only reduces the entire CD to the level of being a commercial for the movie and its merchandise.
Overall, it's not a bad movie soundtrack. Just more variations on the familiar reptillion scales.

Dan Brecher

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Jan 8, 1999
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quote: I assume it's an incidental bit of background noise somewhere in the movie.[/quote]
Indeed it is.
Thank's for the review, I have actually really enjoyed what I have heard from the score. For what it's worth, as I mentioned in David's thread, there is a promo doing the rounds, score only, that clocks in at a little over 70 odd minutes. I will buy the CD, no doubts, but will have my friends in the know keep their eye out for the full promo for me.
Dan (UK)
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May 28, 2001
Thanks for the review!
I'm a big gan of LW cd and will listen to this one accordingly.
I already sallivate at those extra 16minutes


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