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Mar 31, 2017
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This has been discussed so much on the Internet, especially in a recent article on the Cartoon Research web site. JOURNEY BACK TO OZ (1962/1971), one of the most underrated animated classics to come out of the Silver Age of animation, deserves a high top HD reissue on blu ray. The problem---the best available source is an HD master of the theatrical release rendered in the PAL format (hence the time compression on the most recent BCI DVD, sped up by as much as 6%). It is believed one of the previous rights holders discarded the film elements some years back.

We also know the more familiar TV version (with live action segments with Bill Cosby) exists in some form. Only half of the TV interstitials were represented in the previous DVD since BCI presumably only had access to an incomplete video print of the TV cut.

Somewhere out there, either in an ABC or SFM archive, a broadcast master of the TV cut does exist.

Conversely, it is now technically and digitaliy posssile to slow down the speed of the PAL theatrical print back to the original speed without compromising picture quality.

I say this because the rights holders are now Universal Studios. I hope they will do a better job at this than the previous rights holders, Classic Media. They could also create new commentaries and new publicity materials they could uncover from archives.

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