Joseph Mankiewicz's 1953 "Julius Caesar" Finally Coming Out on DVD?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Nils Luehrmann, Feb 14, 2006.

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    In a recent conversation about Shakespeare, Mankiewicz, and Caeser, it reminded me how very odd and disappointing that this brilliant classic has yet to be released on DVD.

    Julius Caser is in my opinion one of the best films on the subject, including a performance by Marlon Brando, as Marc Antony that ranks among the best acting performances ever caught on film.

    Although simply singling out Brando would be an injustice to a remarkably gifted ensemble cast including James Mason (Brutus), John Gielgud (Cassius), Louis Calhern (Caesar), and Edmond O'Brien (Casca). In addition, both Greer Garson and Deborah Kerr scorched the screen with their electric performances as Calpurnia and Portia.

    The film earned five Oscar nomination and three BAFTA’s, but unfortunately has never been released on DVD.

    As far as I know there have not been any licensing issues and that Warner has owned the rights to this film ever since their acquisition of MGM's early catalog many years ago.

    In fact, Warner has released this film on VHS several times, the most recent release was back in 2000:


    There was a great deal of speculation that Waner would release it for it's 50th Anniversary back in 2003, but that never happened. Then it was speculated again that they might release it after John Gielgud passed away early in 2004, but still no word from Warner. Then Brando passed away a few months after Gielgud, which again prompted more speculation that Warner might finally get this title out on DVD, but still nothing.

    It wasn't until last years HTF chat with Warner that they did confirm that Julius Caesar was on their list of 2005-2006 scheduled releases, but it has now been a year since that chat, and no word yet on even a possible street date, or even confirmation that this title remains on their production list.

    I hope this title get's mentioned during the upcoming Warner chat, as it is a shame that this excellent, and important film is taking so long to come out on DVD.
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