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Jordan JX92S Full Ranger (1 Viewer)

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
I was able to audition a pair of full range Jordans this week in a large temporary dipole box. I thought I'd comment on the drivers since I've never seen somebody post about the Jordans before. [I actually convinced a friend to get them so I can build and hear them.] :)

They were ordered from CreativeSound.ca in Canada since they are the only N. American reseller. I got them for $115ea but they recently raised the price to $125ea.

Link to JX92S at CS.

The first time the Jordans were shipped it was done by the cheapest Canadapost method which resulted in a 5 week waiting period and no Jordans. (Canadapost says sometimes it takes 4 weeks for shipping) I will never go with this shipping method again. However, Bob at CS was ever so kind as to ship it again via air postal which took 2-3 days to get from Canada to California. I call that good customer service.

I mounted them in a large dipole baffle the size about 2 feet wide and 3 feet high with no crossover. There is a very nice maple box with an aluminum front plate that was finished yesterday so I can post pictures of it once it gets a finishing coat. The box is 12.5”H x 7.5”W x 8”D with a single port designed to produce an F3 of 55hz. There is a 3db BSC circuit involving a 4ohm mills and 1.5mh Janzten foil inductor. The design is the same Jim Griffith used and is a recommended application per E.J.Jordan's website. I will post another review when they are put in the box, they should have the recommended 70 hours of break in by then.

Anyways when I first played them (fresh out of box) I noticed they had a crisp and revealing brightness to them that slowly faded as my ears got settled in. The soundstage and imaging was excellent, but the vocals appeared to have an upper mid/high coloration than I wasn't used to. They do sound like a miniature representation of whatever music you're listening to, and they seem to lack a full size feel. The detail however is amazing which could have been due to the lack of crossover. There is also no integration of a woofer and tweeter in a full range so the sound was well blended. I would definitely describe them as being slightly foward from neutral, but that could be from the lack of bass in the dipole box. The highs arn't that fatiguing but imediatly become fatiguing along with a harshness in the mids when the volume is raised high (I'd say be very careful when you reach 85-90db). The amp used was a 100wpc Rotel 870bx which is on the warm side so I fear they may actually be on the bright side once they are used with a 50wpc Gainclone amplifier. (That's the DIY amp built for these)

Bass is lacking, but I didn't expect much from a 5" full range driver. It definitly sounded better in a near field presentation of about 3ft as opposed to 6-8ft. In nearfield, the volume can be reduced and there seemed to be better balance and imaging. I guess I could describe the sound in near field as listening to a large pair of headphones. It's like a tiny rock band playing and being accurately represented.

I wasn't too much of a fan of the vocal reproduction again, because they sounded like the voices were slightly shrunk. Instruments such as guitars had excellent clarity and were very enjoyable. I didn't think that these would give me goosebumps but I confess they did several times during instrumental tracks where I heard details being played in a way I havn't heard before. (think accurate and open)

It is safe to say I could hearing more detail in the tracks than other DIY speakers I've heard such as the popular GR AVs and Adire Kit series. Because of how open and revealing they are, I believe they require good amplification and processing to sound good. One speaker I've heard before is the Usher 2-ways by Dennis Murphy. If you have heard scan speaks or Ushers, I'd describe the sound as having similar highs, a lot less bass, with a slightly miniaturized midrange. The highs did not sound exactly like a soft dome tweeter but had more of a crisp "Metal dome" type of sound. I hope that made somewhat sense... (Probably more like a Vifa metal dome)

To be honest, I don't know if I'd ever get myself a pair as my primary listening speakers beacuse I'm into the life like reproduction heard in full range speakers. But as a desktop PC speaker (shielded is a plus), or as an office or bedroom pair, I think these will excel. Excellent clarity and imaging, even sounded good playing 2.1 LOTR TT at a relatively high volume. I'd definitely consider them on the high end side of Audio as there was no detectable signs of grain or muddyness. The only noticeable quirk was the signs of harshness as the driver tried to play loud. These will blow the Dayton BR-1s out of the water in sound quality, but not in bass, and I'll soon AB compare them to a pair of GR-Research AV-1s with sonicaps.

I think they are perfect for a DIY beginner. A project like this is not only simple due to the lack of complex crossover, but the size is small. So if you were thinking of trying out the Tag Band 3" full rangers, I'd also consider the JX92S as they are high end, that is if you can afford the hefty price jump.

I also want ppl to know that I don't mean to bag on the Jordans, I just try to be as open and honest about how they sound so buyers can get an idea of what to expect.

I actually should have reviewed them in the box, but I guess I can add it later. :)


Stunt Coordinator
Sep 24, 2000
Nice review Chris and about what I'd expect in that configuration. Have you ever thought of putting them in a rear loaded Horn. or Some would say a well desgined TL is usueful. Solar Hi-Fi in Oregon has a nice set-up.

If you are open to the comparison try a nice Fostex.
Omega speakers does these in a Ported Enclosure.
Omega also has a new Bipolar 3" Fostex driver.
There is also the Horn Shopppe...Fostex Rear loaded
horns...Z-horns rear loaded but front firing horn mouth.
Cain-Cain has Fostex TQWL.

Also listen to them again with the beenfit of bass Augmentation via a good sealed Subwoofer...or better yet a H-frame dipole sub (think Adire DPL-12 two of 'em).

But ultimately the image size is not BIG a'la Maggies.


Supporting Actor
Dec 4, 2002
I'm hoping to put a pair into a Voight pipe enclosure sometime soon. I'll let you know when it happens. I suspect that a TL or horn of some type is better suited than OB for this driver. Thanks for the review. Keep 'em coming.

Jack Gilvey

Senior HTF Member
Mar 13, 1999
Great info, Chris. Not much interest at all in full-rangers in these parts, but they sure are fun. :)

Bob Reimer

Sep 17, 2000

There is a shortage of JX 92S drivers at the moment until later in October. I paid too much shipping for the last shipment and that's why the price went up. Hope to be able to lower it when the new shipment comes in.

Bob Reimer

Creative Sound Solutions
Jun 28, 2003

For the record it is Jim Griffin--not Griffith. The Jordan JX92S mini-monitor design is a very nice, small speaker for a small to moderate size room. Especially nice for those listeners who like the coherency that a full range speaker provides. As with most speakers they are a tradeoff--less lows than you might want and less smoothness in the highs than others may like. Overall, though, well worth the money and easy to build.


Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
I got to hear some stereo dipole subwoofers such as the H frame Linkwitzlab's Peerless/Phoenix combo (MY goodness that was bliss) and a DPL12 dipole sub. Those would probably match very nicely with the Jordans more than my tempest.

When I did my listening, I integrated a single adire alignment tempest. The listening room is heavily acoustically treated with bass traps and 4" panels so the response isn't too bad. It is also very small and about 1500cf. The majority of the listening was without the sub so I could hone in more on the SQ.

Sorry I got your name wrong Jim Griffin. :)

I like the TL box designed for the Jordans but a small vented enclosure seemed more practical. The small bookshelfs can be placed near a monitor and will be used as near field stereo cpu speakers. Sound card is an M-Audio audiophile and the amplification is by an LM3875 inverted Thorsten Gainclone. I was inspired by a gainclone designer named Peter Daniel and ever since then I wanted try out a DIY amp.

BTW, the Jordans are for a friend who is at UC Davis, and the AV-1s I have to make this weekend are for a friend in San Luis Obispo. I wish my friends asked me to build them Fostex Horns or speakers like the Diluceo or Linkwitz Orions, but they all have budgets in mind.

I'd make something nice for myself if I only had $. Oh, I got the parts express Vifa Buyout 7" PL woofer, Vifa D25 1" metal dome tweeter, Tag Band soft Neodymium tweeter, and 4.5" Vifa woofer to play with plus a bunch of XO parts. My guess is that my ears are in for a lot of pain. :) If anyone's had experience with the parts express buyout drivers let me know if you have an XO and box suggestion.

I did make a 2-way with the vifa 7" and 1" tweeter and there is a measured 2-3khz peak of 6db could literally toast someone's ears.


I didn't want to bump the thread, so I decided to add my second review after hearing the Jordans in the box that was built.

The sound was very similar, only there was considerably more bass. As expected, the highs and mids didn't change much as it still had a somewhat small sound, but the bass really helped since it was clean, and tight. I don't know if it was the breaking in process of the drivers or gainclone, but the bass did seem a bit dry and dull. I'll have to wait a while for things to settle before I make any further opinions. I must say that I was impressed for what they are, but I don't know if they are a speaker I'd be happy with for the rest of my days. I'd say that the speakers perceivably went down to 55hz.

Michael R Price

Jul 22, 2001

You're right, those Gainclones really are something! I've convinced 2 friends to build them (at cost of under $80 apiece), and I'm staying with my big DIY discrete amps. (Unless, of course, the chip amp sounds better! But with Kit281s, I don't think so.)

Anyway, nice review. It's fun to read this sort of thing, since I am totally not the kind of person who could use a single-driver speaker. Have fun designing your new monitors, I'm sort of curious how the Vifa tweeter works out.

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