John Frankenheimer's Andersonville June 3

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    Just in from Warner Home Video is another spate of new announcements, all hitting DVD this spring. First up for history buffs are three acclaimed telepics, due on June 3rd. From the late director John Frankenheimer comes the Emmy-winning Andersonville. This one is presented in its original full screen aspect ratio, English 2.0 Dolby surround, with production notes and filmographies as extras. Also due is the documentary The Congress, also in full screen and 2.0 stereo with no extras. Retail is $19.95 apiece. Up next is Chicago: City Of The Century, a 4-disc box set featuring the entire miniseries presented in full screen and 2.0 surround, with featurettes and production and historical notes as extras. Retail is $79.95.
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    The real question is...

    When are they going to release The Andersonville Trial -- the great TV movie directed by George C. Scott and starring William Shatner, Cameron Mitchell, Richard Basehart, and many other great actors?

    Now that I'd love to have on DVD!

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