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  1. VepeR

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    Jan 24, 2003
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    Anyone has any expiriences with JMLab Chorus 725 speakers?

    How do they compare to B&W 603 S3 and Energy Connoisseur C-5 (these are my other alternatives).

    I am seting up a surround system and these speakers would be the fronts. Everything will be powered up with Onkyo 600 receiver.

  2. Kurt Kelson

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    Mar 19, 2002
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    While I've not heard the Chorus models, a good friend of mine just bought a whole 5-speaker complement of JM Lab's Cobalt series. (816 mains, and the center and surrounds) He bought them after I dragged him to my local audio dealer to have him listen to the Paradigm Studio series. (I love the JM Labs, but they were out of his orginal budget) After side by side demoing the JM's and the Studios, we both agreed that the JM's sounded much better, and my friend decided to 'broaden' his original budget to accommodate the 816's. He originally was looking at the Studio 40's, then we listened to the Studio 60's and 80's for comparison. Once he listened to the JM Lab's though, the decision was made. The JM's are very efficient and sound wonderful, even when driven by a receiver as opposed to a separate amp. My friend is currently driving his speakers with a Denon 3300 and they are amazingly clean sounding, even with this modest amplification.

    I would highly recommend any of the JM Labs speakers. This whole speaker auditioning effort with my friend has left me wanting to upgrade MY speakers now! I was eying the Electra series myself before, now I'm totally sold. Big [​IMG] for JM Labs.

    Good luck in your speaker quest

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