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Peter Apruzzese

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Dec 20, 1999
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Bob gave me and a couple of the regulars a preview of this on his home setup last night and I have to say it's a beauty. As expected, the restoration team did a fine job with the usual problematic elements (fade, etc.) where only the opticals (short cut, thankfully) looked anything less than good. The 3-D photography is phenomenal! While I don't really want to 'place' it in a list, it's easily in the top 10 for me in terms of photographic & technical skill. Nearly every shot is staged for maximum engagement, while at the same time never calling attention other than the obvious off-screen effects (of which there are a good number - the shrunken head is pretty effective). We sampled a few minutes of the commentary, which sounds like an engaging talk. A unique extra presents a shot by shot 3-D breakdown of a lengthy scene with information about the lens used and the interaxial/convergence specs direct from the original camera reports. It's fascinating and I look forward to checking it out in detail as it demonstrates the care that went into shooting these films in the 50's. The film itself is a good jungle adventure/romance. It takes a little while to get going, but livens up once Rhonda Fleming arrives. Lon Chaney's scene is a lot of fun and I was hoping he had more to do. The music score is a bit of a distraction as it's trying too hard.
Vintage 3-D movie fans should get this without hesitation. Folks who have only seen modern 3-D films need to check this out and see how it *should* be done.

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