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Jetsons: The Movie - 4/28/09 release? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 17, 2000
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DVD Empire has a pre-order listing for a DVD of Jetsons: The Movie with a release date of 4/28. Their information lists it as 1.85 anamorphic with DD 5.1 sound. They list a $15 MSRP and $10 pre-order price.

I also saw information posted on other forums about a 2-disc SE and Blu-ray scheduled for this year. But that info was taken from a Wikipedia page, so I'd take it with a very large grain of salt. I'll believe that when Universal lists it in a press release.

Tom M

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Oct 6, 1999
Picked this up yesterday at Wal-Mart for $10. My review:

VIDEO: It's...OK. It's very grainy and there are scratches that show up from time to time. Color is very good and overall image is bright and colorful. EE has been applied heavily giving the whole thing an "edgy" look. Not sure what this would look like on smaller screens but projected on my 80" screen it wasn't pleasant. Neither was it really bad either. Universal could've spent some time doing a quick cleanup but all we get is an aging film print. Hell, we should be lucky it's in 16:9 enhanced widescreen!

AUDIO: Listed as 2.0 on the back cover, it's actually 5.1! It sounds very nice. Not much bass though the drilling scene at the end rumbled nicely. Music was full and rich sounding and filled the room nicely. There are a handful of split surround effects like George's "WHAT!?" near the end which ping-pongs across all the speakers. The traffic scene at the beginning also had some nice surround action. But other than that, it's mostly the music that comes from the surrounds. Overall, a surprisingly nice job!

EXTRAS: None. The menu has two options: Play and Languages. There is no scene selection menu although the movie is chapter encoded. Hitting play, you have to endure FBI warning screens and the UHV logo before getting to the movie which has the original 1990 Universal logo, thankfully.

Is it worth owning? That depends on how much you like the movie. I think it's a fun movie and yeah, for $10 it's worth it. Don't fool yourself into thinking we'll see something better down the line. This is a "one release only" deal.

Blu-Ray? Doubt it. Maybe years down the line but the source material is in too poor condition to make a decent HD master.

That's my take on it. Personally, I'm happy to finally have this movie in widescreen and 5.1. I wish it was better but I can live with what's here.

If anyone is undecided, my advice would be to rent first. But at $10 you might as well just pick it up if you like the movie.

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