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Jet Li's "The One" = Matrix (part deux) (1 Viewer)

Troy LaMont

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Mar 11, 1999
This topic was briefly covered in another thread about The Matrix: Reloaded, but I just had the opportunity to view the trailer and I'll be damned if it didn't look like the Matrix.
The title in itself, the concept of traveling to parallel universes via a transport, the effects (bullet time), some of the special effects, etc.
Don't get me wrong, it look fabu and it's definitely a must view, but I can see now why Li turned down The Matrix: Reloaded...he was already working on it! :) :) :)
Anyone else?
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Joel Mack

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Jun 29, 1999
I dunno, reminds me more of a big-budget "Highlander" movie...
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May 15, 1999
Actaully. " The One" was originally going to star the Rock, but he passed to do the "Mummy Returns" and the "Scorpion King".

Shane D

Supporting Actor
Feb 12, 2001
i downloaded this the other day, and as my friend and i was watching it, he replied, 'what is this? time cop 2?
i got a laugh out of that.

Gabriel Martin

Jul 11, 2000
Anyone else think Jet Li is a bad actor or it's just his accent, or both ???
This film duplicated The Matrix, it's unbelievable... Jet Li doesn't have to dodge bullet either, he just uses his gun. I wonder why Neo and the rest of the gang didn't think about that...
G a B
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AJ Johnson

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Jun 30, 1997
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Actaully. " The One" was originally going to star the Rock, but he passed to do the "Mummy Returns" and the "Scorpion King".
Me and a friend of mine were talking about this after we saw the trailer because we knew it had been written for the Rock in the first place. We both just couldn't picture him in the place of Jet Li in any of the scenes. He just doesn't have the screen presence (outside of a wrestling ring) or any true skills to carry a movie like this. The Rock passing on this project was the best thing that could have happened to this movie.
As far as Jet Li being a bad actor...I think he's a great physical actor meaning he can portray many emotions/facial expressions convincingly. Dialogue? I don't know any mandarin or cantonese so I can't give a good judgment of that. He's only been speaking English for 3 years so I would say he's much improved in that area.

Phil Florian

Mar 10, 2001
I would also give props to Jet for tackling English for only three years. I also wouldn't judge him on his acting merits based on the lousy scripts that he has been given over here. He is mostly a physical actor, but he had some nice romantic and meaningful moments in the Once Upon a Time in China films. I compare him and Jackie Chan (not a good actor, but best at physical comedy...well, used to be) to the likes of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Fred was definitely the more refined and suave and when Jet is in a movie that matches his talents, his is a smooth and graceful form of martial arts. Jackie, like Kelly, is a more outgoing and athletic form of movement. And like those two dancers, acting wasn't their first calling. I am there for Jet...I just wish writers and producers were.
Oh, and yeah The One looked like a cross between that darn Van Damme movie, that other darn Van Damme movie and The Matrix (well, if it starred Van Damme, that is).

David Rogers

Supporting Actor
May 15, 2000
I think the trailer looks great. The movie also looks good; I consider what I know of it to be the best premise for a great, balls-to-the-wall action movie I've seen in years, easily. The SF angle is cool with me, and will give us many opportunities to see JetLi vs JetLi action, plus killer FX. What more could an action fan want?
Okay okay, here's some popcorn. And we'll turn the bass up some more. Now sit there and have fun with the movie. :)
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Ross Williams

Supporting Actor
Feb 9, 1999
What was that Van Damme movie where he fought his twin brother? The trailer made me think of that film. And that's not a good thing!! I love Jet Li, especially his Hong Kong stuff. I'm sure I'll see this movie because of him, but I won't be seeing it for the story. It looks like a movie made for the Sci-Fi channel with a bigger budget.
I can't believe he turned down The Matrix 2 to do this.
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