Jerry Goldsmith dropped out of LSO concert due to illness. :(

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    Well, color me VERY dissapointed. The London Symphony Orchestra and Jerry (Star Trek, Poltergeist, and a whole lot more) Goldsmith were set to perform "Hollywood Greats" in only TWO places in the US. One was to be in Nashville and the other in Birmingham, Alabama. Of ALL PLACES they were coming to my home town, where (and I say this as loudly as possible) NO ONE COMES TO PERFORM!!!!
    Well, I just learned that , due to illness, Mr. Goldsmith has dropped out and Kenneth Schermerhorn has taken his place. Very heartbreaking to say the least. There is one good thing though, at least they didn't cancel it. I still get to see the LS perform the following:
    Star Wars
    Star Trek: First Contact
    The Last Castle
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    North by Northwest
    Schindler's List
    and Lawrence of frickin' Arabia!!!!
    All is not lost. And even though I KNOW it won't happen, there is a chance they might just play some stuff from Attack of the Clones.
    Check out the info at
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    I'd have loved to hear Goldsmith conduct Star Wars. That's like a fusion of two movie music greats. I'm really sorry to hear that you got screwed[​IMG].

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