Jekyll and Hyde 1932/1941 DVD with a glitch on the 1941 version?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Rick Z., Aug 26, 2006.

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    I was watching the 1941 version of the film last night and came across a strange jump cut, at the 1:31:05 mark when Jekyll is about to kill Ivy it suddenly cuts to the people outside her room hearing her screaming, (see the DVD and you'll understand) and it then cuts again to Jekyll, but this time facing an offscreen Ivy lying in the floor behind some furniture and it causes some confusion at first, as to where they are positioned. It just seemed to me that the skipped where he throws her to the floor, behind the furniture, so when she is there is seems very sudden. I'm not sure about this, it could be intentional, but I really don't know. Could someone verify me if it has always been like this or if the dvd version is faulty?
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    Rick, the scene has looked that way in every print I've ever seen. Whether it was a cut made early on, or intentional, I don't know. Perhaps Greg Mank has the answer in his commentary to the 1931 film(in which he talks about both versions).

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