JEF FILMS - legit DVD company?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Jon Martin, Mar 25, 2005.

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    I've noticed recently a couple films being released on DVD by a company called JEF FILMS. Does anyone know if they are a legitimate company that actually owns the rights to the films they release? They don't seem to have a website and their films only seem to be available on Amazon (who doesn't even have the artwork for most of their titles) and Barnes and Noble. And, their releases don't seem to appear on most weekly release lists.

    I just read that the great Australian 1982 musical STAR STRUCK was released last month. When I went to Amazon to order it, every review is terrible, saying how it is a full frame, featureless release. Amazon reviewers aren't normally as picky as HTFers, so for them to say it, it must be terrible.

    Recently, I saw the British film THE SHOOTING PARTY was released, and they were the company that released it. The reviews were the same way. Just awful.

    Since most of what they release seem to be films from the 80's, by video companies now defunct (although STAR STRUCK was released on VHS by Fox Lorber in the early 90's), I wonder what is going on with them.
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    A notorious bootleg operation - avoid like the plague.

    Amazon has received quite a lot of complaints against JEF, but they continue to allow JEF to sell literally hundreds of VHS and DVD titles on their site. They are probably in cahoots with the crook and making tons of money off of his illegal dupes. Shame on them both.

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