Jean Renoir, Betty Grable, Sonja Henie R2 April

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Doug Bull, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Doug Bull
    Some interesting Classic Fox titles are being released in the UK this April.

    Jean Renoir's SWAMP WATER with Dana Andrews and Anne Baxter.

    The highly enjoyable, Technicolored DOWN ARGENTINE WAY with Betty Grable and Don Ameche.

    Sonja Henie and Tyrone Power in SECOND FIDDLE.
    Unfortunately it appears the only way to get this title is to purchase the Tyrone Power Box Set, which includes titles that are already out on DVD.
    Mark of Zorro, The Razor's Edge, A Yank in the RAF,In Old Chicago and The Big Trail.
    I just hope that these titles will be available seperately.

    Let's not forget that Bette Davis in the classic Cinemascope Costumer THE VIRGIN QUEEN is also to be released.

    More reason for those in the U.S. that haven't, to get a region free, NTSC/PAL player and Display.
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    I knew about Down Argentine Way and Swamp Water. These two will be released in Brazil next month.
    But Second Fiddle is a great surprise. Fianlly we get Sonja Henie on dvd. Maybe it will be part of the Marquee Musicals series in USA.

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