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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Brent Avery, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Brent Avery

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    I found myself bored and decided to make a list of mid '50's to early '70's movies that more or less fit into the "teenage rebellion" genre and general social unrest up to the Vietnam era as well as beach movie spinoffs on API's popular productions with Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello and the gang. I forgot my list so it will be from memory - I should have waited until I was prepared but will expand on this intial list by the weekend with production dates and type of movie. Feel free to mention any that come to mind - by the way i am trying to mention only those never released to dvd. The big question is, how many will see the light of day on dvd?

    Crime In the Streets '56
    Reform School Girl '57
    Teenage Doll '57
    The Cool & The Crazy '58
    High School Confidential! '58
    Hot Rod Rumble '57
    Motorcycle Gang '57
    Hot Rod Gang '58
    Rock around The Clock '56
    Shake,Rattle & Rock '56
    Don't Knock The Rock '57
    The Girl In Lover's Lane '60
    High School Casear '60
    The Choppers '61
    Twist Around The Clock '61
    Teenage Millionaire '61
    Get Yourself A College Girl '64
    For Those That think Young '64
    Winter A-Go-Go '65
    Beach Ball '65
    Surf Party '64
    The Girls On The Beach '65
    A Swingin' Summer '65
    One Way Wahine '65
    Wild,Wild Winter '66
    It's A Bikini World '67
    Ride The Wild Surf '64
    The Lively Set '64
    The Pleasure Seekers '64
    Fireball 500 '66
    Thunder Alley '67
    Out Of Sight '66
    Devil's Angel '67
    The Born Losers '67
    The Mini Skirt Mob '67
    The Glory Stompers '67
    Hell's Belles '69
    The Cycle Savages '69
    Hell's Chosen Few '68
    The Savage Seven '68
    Angels Die Hard! '70
    Wild In The Streets '68
    Riot On Sunset Strip '67
    The Love Ins '67
    Mary Jane '68
    The Young Runaways '68
    Born Wild '68
    Three In The Attic '68
    Free Grass '69
    Alice's Restaurant '70
    The Strawberry Statement '70
    Up In The Cellar '70
    Drive, He Said '71
    The Ballad Of Andy Crocker '69
    Norwood '70

    I would really like to see It's A Bikini World Released as it showcases some bands such as The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, The Standells and The Jimmy Smith Trio among others. There are probably some real gems in there which if anything else would have a very high " camp " value. Of course, there is always the nostalgia aspect. [​IMG]
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    In a couple of weeks, MGM will release WILD IN THE STREETS with GAS-S-S! Something Weird has a few of these type of films out on DVD too.
  3. Jeff Gatie

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    Aug 19, 2002
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    When you speak of JD films of the fifties, there is "The Wild One" and "Rebel Without a Cause"... and then there are all the others.
  4. Brian Thibodeau

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    Here's some of the Beach movies, in no particular order.

    How To Stuff A Wild Bikini (65)
    Beach Blanket Bingo (65)
    Ski Party (65)
    Beach Party (63)
    Muscle Beach Party (64)
    Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine (65)
    Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl Bombs (66)
    Ghost In The Invisible Bikini (66)
    The Horror of Party Beach (64)
    Pajama Party (64)
  5. Brian Thibodeau

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    ...and a few JD teenage angst exploitationers. Many of these are sci-fi-monster hybrids since there was no better way for studios run by middle age men to "examine" the hormonal urges of the younger set than via the allegory of science-gone-wrong:

    I Was A Teenage Werewolf (57)
    I Was A Teenage Frankenstein (57)
    Teen-age Strangler (68) "Yike Stripes!"
    High School Caesar (60) with Horst Bucholz
    Runaway Daughters (56)
    Teenage Gang Debs (66)
    The Violent Years (56)
    Teenage Caveman (58)
    Diary of a High School Bride (59)
    The Sinister Urge (61)
    Motorcycle Gang (57)
    Teenage Monster (58)
    Teenage Zombies (59)
    The Ghost of Dragstrip hollow (59)
    Teenage Devil Dolls (55)
    High School Hellcats (58)
    Teenage Bad Girl (56)
    Dragstrip Girl (57)
    Girls In Prison (56)
    I Was A Teenage Mummy (62)
    The Flaming Teen-Age (56)
    The Teen-Age (44) early prototype written by Elmer Clifton
    Teen-Age Crime Wave (55)
    Jail Bait (54) An Ed Wood classic!
    Riot In Juvenile Prison (59) "Boy and Girl Inmates Together Under One Roof!"
    The Beat Generation (59)
    Dragstrip Riot (58)

    and of course, the Mamie Van Doren classics:
    Running Wild (55) "The Stark Brutal Truth About Today's Lost Generation!" and the first of Mamie's JD flicks.
    Girls Town (59)
    Teacher's pet (58)
    College Confidential (60)
    Untamed Youth (57)
    The Beat Generation (59)
    Born Reckless (58)
    High School Confidential (58) already mentioned

    Man, I'm surprised I remembered this many! Scary...I'm only 34. But I do love this stuff.
  6. Ed St. Clair

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    May 7, 2001
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    What a box set those would make!!!

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