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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mike_Jo, Aug 29, 2003.

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    Am planning to get a speaker set for HT use only (i.e. movies) any suggestions on a good set of JBL's for this job? Should be able to fill a room 22x20x8' and hopfully wall mountable or bookshelf.

    Also remember affordable since I might spend all of my money on the stereo speakers - SONUS hahaha
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    JBL Studio Series speakers are great for this job, I use all JBLs in my home setup and it sounds fantastic. There are three flavors that fit your criteria:

    * S38 speakers. These are the beefiest, probably best left as bookshelf mounted. You can wall mount, but they are about as big as you would want hanging from a wall/ceiling. Price (est.) = $350 pair.

    * S36 speakers. The middle of the road. Smaller than the S38s but bigger than the S26s, good all around speakers. I have 4 of them mounted from the ceiling for my 5.1 setup, great sound. Price (est.) = $250 pair.

    * S26 speakers. The little speakers that could. Easy to mount or bookshelf, these little guys pump out a really nice sound. Missing some of the umph of the S38s, but they still get the job done very nicely. Price (est.) = $150 pair.

    There are also the Northbridge line of speakers in all the sizes above: N38, N36, N26. They are slightly cheaper and still have a good sound, I like the studios a bit better (less tinny in our system.) For center speaker, there is the S Center ii or N center speakers. Very good center speakers.

    Best place to find all this stuff cheap? eBay! Harman Kardon (who makes JBL speakers) has an power seller through eBay that they sell overstock, refurbs, etc with full warranties. I bought our entire speaker setup (sans center channel) through them on eBay and haven't had a single problem yet. Center channel was also eBay but through a different seller.

    Good luck!

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