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JBL N26AW II outdoor/indoor speakers - $100/pair @ Best Buy... (1 Viewer)

John Wilson

Supporting Actor
Jul 6, 1999
I asked an employee at my local Best Buy about this "sale". He told me that it was a promotion, not a clearance sale. In fact, another pair were expected to arrive at my store (they were out) on Thursday. I decided not to wait for them so I ordered mine on bestbuy.com. They are a great sounding speaker and well worth $50 each!

Clearance or promotion, it is a good deal.:emoji_thumbsup: :D

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
Well I placed an order on-line for two pairs with BB.
Music shoveling snow off the driveway in January maybe nice :D
If they sound like #hit, I only need to drive 2 miles for the return & Free shipping to me.
I also sent J&R this BB link for a price match, they had them for $179. Maybe they will bring the price down also.
Anyone have these?


Second Unit
Oct 5, 1999
Well I placed an order through BB.com and they should be arriving in a day or so, (thanks for the heads-up David). They have been reviewed favorably a couple of times, of course they weren't ranked as high as sets costing twice as much, but for the price they can't be that bad.


Kevin Cagle

Aug 21, 2001
Mine arrived today and of course I have not mounted em yet but I had to hook em up. They sound amazing for $99 but I can see why they were clearancing them out. $250 is ridiculous for these.

One thing to note, they are MASSIVE. Nearly a foot tall and they do not come with the mounts. I had to order the mounts seperately. Cheapest price shipped was here $40:
Jbl n26aw mounts

Armando Zamora

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Dec 22, 1998
Real Name
aromaz odnamra
I picked up a pair on Wednesday, 5/7. They are very nice sounding for outdoor/all-weather speakers and for your average outdoor application, i.e., deck, patio, pool. Gotta love jamming to music while doing yard work. :emoji_thumbsup:

Here are the specs and additional info from JBL's web site, http://www.jbl.com/home/products/pro...Id=NOR&sCatId=.

As Kevin mentioned, the only drawback is that they don't come with the mounting hardware. In any case, if you order the mounts for the N26AWII, it still comes out costing less than the N24AWII, http://www.bestbuy.com/Detail.asp?m=...at=&e=11100493 at $199.98.

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
My two pairs just arrived awhile ago, just like most people will do, I had to try a pair out.
Looks like I will be in the minority at this point.
I disconnected my Mirage OM-5 mains, hooked these up.
Then I went into my setup menu of my B&K Ref50 to shut down the sub, (I will not have an outdoor sub) set them first at small, Yuk.. they sounded like a speaker in a beer can, so then I set the Ref50 to speakers large, Well that's a bit better, but I would still need to say YUK..:angry: Maybe I was expecting to much from a retail $250 pair of outdoor speakers?
Yes, These did only cost $99.
This test was done inside within an controlled listening environment.
Outside will not be the case.
I do understand these are to supply sound outdoors, But one would think they would sound better, these seem to sound very dead & flat in the mids & lows, the highs are a bit piercing or should I say bright.
I have not auditioned any other outdoor speakers to compare them to.
If they all sound as these, I think I will stick with carrying the boom box around.
Maybe I should go out and purchase a retail $99 pair for audition just to see how bad those would compare.
These are huge, With all that enclosure space, you would think they work do better then 55hz on the low end?
Me thinks the huge enclosure is to make up for the poor bass driver.
I will spend some more time and let the wife take a listen prior to making the decision to make that long drive of two miles to return them, Thank you for the free shipping.:)
Maybe the wife will feel in the end $100 pair is fine for the convenience.
Nope: The wife spent maybe five minutes with a look of disbelief on her face, Needless to say they are all boxed up sitting next to the door:thumbsdown:


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 6, 2001
I got a pair of these last week from BB and am using them for indoor use. In the fall I got an HK125 that I use exclusively for music and ever since then I've been looking to upgrade the Sony 3-way speakers I've been using but have been strapped for cash. For $100 these fit the budget and I think they sound great. I don't know what more expensive speakers sound like, but for this price range they sound terrific. The only drawback is they have absolutely no bass, a sub is a must. Also they're white, which I'm not too crazy about. Spec-wise they are exactly the same as the JBL N26II (just the outdoor version) and listening to both at BB they sounded the same.

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