JBL for 7.1, any good?

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  1. Brian Warren

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    May 5, 2002
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    Hi - let me first say i don't know jack. question has to do with possible selection of JBL speakers to go with a Denon 3802 and are dipoles the best way to go to maximize the surround effect. I have been under the impression that dipoles were a needed part of a home theater on the side wall 6-7 ft high to give the non-localized effect one expects to hear. what am i missing here as in are dipole a must for best possible system?.
    Since only in the very expensive synthesis line does JBL offer a dipole speaker, in their studio or northrige line, which does not have dipoles available can you get the best possible surround experience using their directional speakers only?
    I'm interested in movies > music quality. house is under construction and my room is 22' wide x 18' deep and 20 ft high. couch will be 4 ft from the back wall and the room is wired with monster cable for a 7.1 system. I am also set up for 2 subs and planned 2 12" subs.
    If sticking with JBL, would you recommend 6 N26's and N center vs. 6 S26's(or S38's) and S center? would I be more pleased with an entire differant set up altogether?
    thanks in advance
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    Welcome to the HT Forum Brian! [​IMG] I posted my comments @ your other post in HT Spot a few minutes ago.
    Maybe some here will add too them.

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