JBL EC25 vs JBL Voice

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    I currently have a the JBL SCS300 7.1 system and a 10inch woofer in a small 12x15 room. Highs and bass are absolutely superb I highly reccomend the SCS300 for anyone looking. However I would like to have more mids. These two systems (EC25 and Voice) are both 2-way to match all the component speakers. I am pretty sure the Voice is very new and its hard to find people with first hand advice on it. Also whats your thoughts on the EC35 for this setup?

    JBL Voice

    Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power 150 Watts
    Power Handling (Continuous/Peak) 75/300 Watts
    Impedance 8 Ohms
    Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 90dB
    Frequency Response (–3dB) 70Hz – 20kHz
    Crossover Frequency 3500Hz
    High-Frequency Driver 3/4" (19mm) Titanium-laminate dome; shielded with EOS waveguide
    Low-Frequency Driver Dual 5" (130mm) PolyPlas™ cones

    JBL EC25

    3/4" Titanium-laminate dome Tweeter
    Dual 5" (130mm) PolyPlas woofers
    RMS Power: 75 Watts
    Peak Power Handling: 300 Watts
    Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
    Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz
    Crossover Frequency: 4000Hz
    Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
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    The JBL SCS300 7.1 has excellent spec's and based on the on-line article ...Home Theater on a Budget - OCT 2004 Sound & Vision Magazine**, ... the actual Objective Benchmarks lives up the the JBL published spec's!!!

    **See the S&V link to view the actual speaker graphs.

    Before spending any money, try a couple of things.

    First of all, make sure you have double checked your Audio REFERENCE Calibration SPL @ your 'sweet spot'!

    Second, ... it's possible that you have your AV Receiver's Crossover set TOO LOW which can cause your lower MID volume! Based on the Objective Test Performance above, if possible, ... you should SET your AV Receiver's Crossover @ 150 Hz or higher or as close to 150 Hz you can.

    Adding another speaker model to your JBL's SCS300.7 speaker system will just change the near 100% timbre-matching seamless HT surrounds and that could be distracting especially since 80%-85% of the blockbuster DVD movie soundtrack originates from the Front Channels (as it should).

    Timber-matching HT speakers have IDENTICAL High Frequency Drivers, hence your JBL SCS300.7 uses 1/2" Domes all-around, and, ... the Voice, EC25 & EC35 & their respective Series all use 3/4" Domes.

    Hope this helps,

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