Jason X website/trailer now online! Coooool!


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May 8, 2001
Yeah,that was a great idea & would've made an even better movie.
But i think from what i've heard that Paramount may be to blame for alot of this. They requested WAY to much for the rights to the Friday the 13th title,charecters ect ect. So New Line had to go with what they had,namely Jason.....so there was no mention of JTM(which i'm sure is why the SWAT team was callled in) among others. But you can always use your imangination and come up with your own theories on what went on bewteen the films.
+ nearly everone says Paramount along with Universal are the toughest studios to get the rights to,since they ask for insane/ absurd amounts of $$$ that no one in there right mind would pay.
Thats another reason why there wasn't a montage of footage for the begining of JGTH,getting us up to date & Jason X also was supposed to have one,but Paramount asked for to much money to use the clips,that they had to skip them. To bad since i loved the pre-credit montages on The Final Chapter & The New Blood. All in all,Paramount seems like a bunch of party poopers,have no sense of fun at all,just money money money & ignorance.


Sep 18, 2001
I don't think Jason X will be a bad movie because it's in space. I think it's a ridiculous idea though and that's what I stressed in my original post. I will see this movie simply for the blood, but who knows about that because horror films these days LACK blood and gore. The whole Scream (aka: Scooby Doo) trilogy lacks so much gore. They rarely show the actual killings like the Friday and Nightmare movies did. Again, I said I think this movie will be lame because according to the trailer, which tells you the WHOLE movie, it looks to be real lame.
I agree with someone who said that they should put 'em back in the camp by the lake.
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Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
I understand your point Brad, but at the same time, what trailer these days in Hollywood doesn't show too much?
Take for, and this is kind of a poor example, but if you saw "What Lies Beneath" then you saw every plot point, every giveaway, and the like that was to be included in the final film. The trailer simply gave to much away.
But to use that against the entire film is really unjust to you actually see the film. I personally try my best to not judge a film until I see it, then I can rightfully bitch about the film and it's value, whether good or bad.
Another way to look at it simply, it was time to Jason to go in another direction. Thank God Newline is the studio that is doing it. Other studios would either wimp out or simply not do it. The Friday the 13th films, whether someone deems them bad films or not, have a place in the history of films. And I do believe that this film, though it might not appeal to some, will find it's audiance and the respect that it deserves. Overseas, where the film has been shown at festivals, has gotten rave reviews, from both fans and critics. Keeping that in mind, most American critics piss their pants over part 8, the one in the series that is the most debated by the horror community.
I have nothing else at all to say about what I have seen of the film other than I agree that the mask isn't what I would have done, but I have really begun to love the new look for what it is. It is Jason. The film production looks top rate, and though some might sight a less than wonderful screenplay, when was the last time there was a flawless screenplay to come out of Hollywood...and lets keep in mind, it is horror...not Shakespeare.

Jeffrey Noel

Sep 11, 2001
Holy crap! I want one of those outfits Jason is wearing!! That would be cool!!

I know I will definitely go see this movie in the theaters. Jason's such a badass!
God bless!
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