Japan Makers Move to Lower 4K TV Prices

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    Tokyo, June 3 (Jiji Press)--Prices of ultra-high-resolution 4K television sets are starting to fall as Japanese makers aim to boost demand for the yet very expensive next-generation TVs.

    Toshiba Corp., which launched the world's first 4K TV in December 2011, will launch its new line in June with retail prices expected to be nearly halved from the early models to around 500,000 yen for a 58-inch model under the "open pricing" system.

    With prices set to fall below 10,000 yen per inch of screen, Toshiba is looking to expand demand for 4K TVs, which have four times the resolution of conventional high-resolution TVs.

    In 2011, Toshiba released the first 4K TV series at hoped-for prices of around 900,000 yen for a 55-inch model, compared with around 200,000 yen for standard high-resolution types of the same size.

    The company is "eager to make all large-screen TVs under the 4K format," Toshiba sales representatives said.
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    The real trick will be to make CONSUMERS eager to buy them.

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