January 2004 Issue

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  1. Ken Smith

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    May 20, 2001
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    Since it's Dec. 26, when can I expect to receive the Jan. issue. I subscribe to 3 or 4 other mags. and I rec'd their Jan. issue around the 10th of Dec. Why does this magazine lag behind the others as far as getting to my mailbox?
    Otherwise you do a great job and have a great magazine.
    Thanks, Ken
  2. Tim Tepas

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    Feb 21, 2003
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    Your DVD ETC. magazine should arrive the last week of the month before the issue date. The January issue should have been there the last week of December and the June issue should arrive the last week of May. Perhaps the holidays may have interrupted prompt delivery the end of December.

    Avodah Publishing is different than many other publishing companies when they label their monthly periodicals. The other January magazines that arrive the 10th of December are more than likely December issues labeled for January. Clint Walker has taken his experience from other magazines he once worked on with 3 or 4 month lead times and established a lead time of one or two months. So rather than trick DVD ETC. readers into thinking you are getting your magazine three weeks early, isn’t it better to know you are getting more current news and reviews? [​IMG]

    This week we're all off to the Consumer Electronics Show. We have deadlines immediately after the show so you can read up on all the exciting new products and developments in our next issue that should be in your mailbox the last week of February.

    Thanks for reading!

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