James Cameron Produced, SANCTUM (Trailer)

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    Caves and water (specifically large bodies of it where a person can swim) "bother me." Concerning the former, I had a really bad dream once of being crushed to death inside a mountain, and numerous others ranging from the just plain weird to the really, fuckin' weird; concerning the latter, well, I can't swim, and my nightmares in this department make those former cave crushing ones look like a walk in the park. Now, had Cameron thrown in some kind of Lovecraftian monstrosity or "malevolent force," I'd be more apt to see this in the theater, but seeing as it's essentially a drama based on real life events, I'll most likely catch this disturbing piece of filmmaking on cable instead.

    DEADLINE: A trailer has been released for Sanctum, the James Cameron-produced feature that Alister Grierson directed based on the natural mishap that befell a team of cave divers in Australia. The film will be released February 4, and is considered an important next step in Cameron's evolution of 3D technology for films that don't have to be made on the budget scale of Avatar, but look superior to films shot in 2D and then converted. The $30 million film, financed by Wayfare Entertainment, was scripted Andrew Wight and John Garvin. The drama is based on the near-death experience of Wight, who has collaborated with Cameron on such docus as Aliens of the Deep and Ghosts of the Abyss, and who led the perilous dive expedition.

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    I know exactly what the porn version will be titled!
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    Is it being shot using 3D rigs or is it going to be post-processed using a new processing method?

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