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James Bond Ultimate R1 Glitches (1 Viewer)

Mar 25, 2003
Figured I might as well start this before someone else did...

So far, I've found 3 things:

1) On the deleted scenes on "The World Is Not Enough", the 1st set of subtitles (Chinese Simplified, I believe) automatically kick on for 2 of the deleted scenes, even if I've selected no subtitles (which, BTW, is the default) on my Sony 5 Disc Changer (model # escapes me, but I'll update this message if I get a chance)

2) The "Ministry of Propaganda" features are missing from "Die another Day", even though they are listed on the packaging as being there. (Oddly enough, the screenshots I've seen of the R2 version is also missing this feature, so maybe it's just the Packaging for the R1 that's messed up - the back of the R2 packaging shows only the photo gallery as a "Ministry of Propaganda" feature)

3) No original sound mix for "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Carter of Mars

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Jul 31, 2006
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In Diamonds Are Forever, when Bond is in the bath tub and sees the ad for Shady Tree's act, there is an odd two frame glitch that passes in front of the ad. It's not there on the previous edition.

Also, when Bond is dropped out of plane in the same film on the shot of the balloon dropping the sky is ugly, gray, dark and overcast. All the other shots have it blue. It appears as blue on the old transfer.

The booklets, while nice, do not list the chapter stops. They are also just carried over from the British editions. Lee Tamahori is credited with directing State of the Union, not XXX2: State of the Union.

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