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David Singleton

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 10, 1999
Ladies and gentlemen, I need help.

I was only able to catch the last few minutes of the episode to see that Harm was charged with the murder of Lt. Singer (?).

Can someone fill me in on the details prior to next week's episode?


Andres Munoz

Senior HTF Member
Dec 21, 1999
Lt. Singer's body was found up on a tree near a river. The body was somewhat decomposed and her face was basically gone (crows ate through it).

A team (not the JAG team) was sent to investigate and gather clues and evidence, a la CSI. At first it seemed that the body had been there for about 3 weeks and that the woman was about 4 or 5 months pregnant (before they knew it was Lt. Singer).

After running DNA tests and doing the autopsy, they were sure that it was Lt. Singer.

The investigative team went to JAG headquarters to ask some questions and Harm got all defensive, maybe because he feared that his half-brother (Sergei) would be accused since he had a relationship with her and since there was a possibility that he could be the father of her baby.

Anyway, none of them knew about Sergei's relationship with her, only Harm. So because of his behavior, right away the team suspected Harm himself.

After going through the body, a napkin was found on her with a phone number from Moscow. They matched it to Sergei and also figured out he was Harm's half brother.

They brought Harm in for questioning but couldn't officially arrest him because they had no evidence that he had contact with Lt. Singer prior to her murder.

When they brought up Sergei and the napkin to the conversation Harm in trying to protect his brother, right away told them that it was him that gave Singer the napkin. That was the connection that the investigative team needed and charged him with the act of murder on the spot.

BTW, it looks like they're trying to create a spin-off series with this new team. All of them are known actors (although I don't know their names but I have seen them before) and also they got most of the screen time.

Kind of like the CSI episode where one of the cast goes to investigate a case in Miami and we're introduced to another cast which soon became CSI: Miami.


Aug 22, 2000
The connection to Harm was also connected by a few bits of other evidence, like finger-prints in Lt Singer's abandoned car, placing the two of them together at the bar (where Harm wrote the number on the napkin) and arguing with each other, along with what Andres mentioned.

The spin off idea looks to be spot on as well, especially with the sub plot of the terrorist going on at the same time. They nabbed some terrorist from one of the lists, and of course he's the only person who knows where the next attack is going to be, so they have to send in the lead investigator to interrogate him, but he's to busy investigating the Jag people (man what a ridiculous plot, entertaining though).


Scott Barnhart

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 3, 2001
Real Name
The whole show, including the Credits font at the beginning was really freaking me out. I wanted my normal JAG back! Then I remembered hearing something about a JAG spinoff, so I was somewhat mollified. Turns out that is exactly what is happening: Link to Spinoff Info

It looks like it could be a good show, except for the one lady's name - Blackadder - what's up with that? Seems like a goofy name for a serious show.

Julian Reville

Aug 29, 1999
Best episode of JAG in a long time. Too bad it had to come from another crime-lab-spinoff-clone, but it's all about the money. Mark Harmon's still cool, though.

Jon Torres

Second Unit
Dec 30, 2001
Worst episode of JAG in a long time IMO. I was expecting to see JAG and not some CSI ripoff. It took something like 20 minutes before any JAG character came to the screen. It really seemed like they're trying to spinoff this new NCIS team into a show. I hated it.

What's with no one noticing Singer was gone for 3 months? Isn't she Harm's real wife?

Roberto Carlo

Second Unit
Apr 14, 2002
Isn't she Harm's real wife?
Yes, she is. I'm assuming that she left because she was, in real life, expecting their child. I agree with you: I hate when they use an episode of a show that I enjoy to, in effect, air a pilot for a spin-off. When CSI did it, at least the CSI characters were featured in the episode. The episode in Miami just introduced us to the characters and the locale. In the case of JAG and Crossing Jordan, the regulars basically took the week off, thus depriving me of seeing Jill Hennessy and Catherine Bell.

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