"JABBERWOCKY"--At last the full-length version is restored for dvd!

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    A couple months back, with word of an upcoming "Jabberwocky" dvd release, I started a thread in which I expressed my hopes for the full theatrical release version which had yet to be given a video release in any format. My hopes have been realized. "Jabberwocky" is, at last, the full 1977 theatrical release version.
    The Columbia Tri-Star VHS version, like the version shown on pay cable in the early '80s, runs only 100 minutes. This shorter version is not the result of simply snipping one or two scenes, but rather the snipping of a few seconds here and there THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE FILM! Complete lines of dialogue were missing in the 100 min. version, some of which was pretty funny ("I saw a doctor once. He didn't see me--I was hiding," from Chapter 6 of the dvd is but one example).
    Note the different placement of Dennis' father's heart attack (Chapter 4)--it works much better in the restored dvd version. In fact, look at Chapters 5 & 6 in their entirety compared to the the previously available 100 minute VHS version--scenes are switched around and chopped up with no regard to the comic timing. The dvd release is the version I know and love (though nowhere during the audio commentary do Gilliam or Palin make reference to any other cut of the film).
    The only difference between the dvd version and the original 1977 theatrical version is the one-minute narration that sets up the story directly after the film's title credit (this first appeared in the butchered 100 min. version in the '80s, but not in the theatrical prints)--and the film's title credit itself. When the title "Jabberwocky" appears we see a brief splatter of blood, but the original title credit was composed entirely of blood. But these changes are minor and acceptable since everything that follows is completely intact.
    In all, this new dvd version runs 5 minutes longer, and it makes all the difference.
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    Dammit - I thought I was going to get away without buying anything this week! [​IMG]
    My top ten movies that need to be on dvd:
    1. Akira Kurosawa's Dreams 2. Freaks 3. Men With Guns 4. The Ninth Configuration 5. The Reflecting Skin 6. Santa Sangre 7. Treasure of the Sierra Madre 8. Voyager 9. White Heat 10. Wings of Desire
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    Cool, I just ordered the new 105 minute version from Amazon. (And also the Monty Python Live DVD set) since I had a $10 coupon for my "Amazonniversary" or whatever they call it...
    Been awhile since I had a coupon I could use... Those were the days I guess..

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