Ive Got $1000 to spend on a sounds system for my HT

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Larry*S, Nov 9, 2003.

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    a couple of things,
    I need a sound system for my theater room
    The room is 9' by 17' , strictly for theater purposes
    I know absolutely nothing about sound systems at all.
    Ive got $1000 budget (including receiver, speakers, wire..)
    From what ive read so far, staying away from HTIB's is recommended, Thats what brings me to writing this post.
    I need sopmeone to recoomend a system/ componets that are all compatible, so I dont throw away my $$$. Im very good at spending, and getting the wrong thing, so please help me out,

    actually, while your at it, you can throw a DVD player into the system (so tack on another $300 total budget of $1300, break it up as you like,

    thanks in advance,

  2. gregD

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    Jan 16, 2003
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    First, do some browsing at local retailers and have them show you what $1300 buys... then investigate an authorized online dealer... here are a couple:

    Cambridge SoundWorks carries packaged systems with separates at several price points... more importantly, they make very good bang-for-the-buck speakers:

    AC4L carries refurbished products, and has helpful customer service... one of their Marantz receivers and DVD players could be added to any one of these very decent speaker packages:
  3. Rich Wenzel

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    Aug 9, 2002
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    first off, here is my recommendation, dont go full surround system right off the bat, get a good 2 fronts and build over time...you will have a much better system and that will upgrade more easily...

    the rest of my suggestions is based off of your $1300, this assumes you dont need a tv...if you need a tv, then this will be fairly different...

    dvd player Onkyo 301 $130 (dont spend more on a dvd player for a $1300 system)...

    you should be able to get a refurbed H&K 225 for under $300 on ebay direct from H&K..full warranty...


    thats about $500 between the onkyo and the h&k including tax and or shippng...

    this means you ahve about $700, as you have to leave room for cables (go cheap)

    you probably could put a great system together through the harman direct on ebay, by getting the infinity il series...not sure what the il50's or 40's go for, but i feel that they will be under $400 a pair, and I know you can get the il10's for rears for about $125 (i think i got a pair like that for $117)...

    actually someone has the il40's for $395 a pair brand new...i would try to win an auction on the 40's or 50's though...then you just need a center...you definitely can get the 25 or 36 for the remainder...

    if you want to buy one package all together...


    but you will need to get stands....

    but i still say, get the other two pieces i mentioned and spend the remaining $500-700 on a pair of fronts, maybe something like the discounted axiom m60....


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