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jimbo w

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 28, 2003
Wow! Gives us all something to shoot for . Only thing I would add is a Pinball machine!
Jun 3, 2002
Thanks for all the feedback!

Yes, that's a DIY Parkland Plastics screen. Over the next couple of weeks I'll add some pages detailing equipment, etc. I also have some construction photos I'll throw out there.


T r o y

Supporting Actor
Jun 7, 1999

Is that a DVOIscan doubler I see in your HT rack?
Is that the new model?

I have the first model that came out and gives me pretty good performance at the 480P level.

Would love to upgrade to a 720P performance scaler, say with the Crystal Image, but just don't have the $$ to do so.
Oh BTW, Awesome room! I just completed my room about a month or so ago and It is a great feeling to finally enjoy it now! Well Done!


Jeff Bamberger

Second Unit
Sep 15, 1999

Fabulous. Simple, yet elegant and quite functional looking. You used a lighter color on the walls...do you have any problems with light relection off that color?

Now all I need to do is move to a house with space to do exactly what you did. Excellent work!

Patrick Webb

Dec 23, 2001
Very nice, indeed!

I noticed you have a "L" setup for you seating. This is something that I keep going back and forth with. Our existing basement has an "L" layout and I am not sure what to do for the new house. Did you go through any tough decisions with this?
Jun 3, 2002
Again, thanks for your kind words. Now for some answers...

First, regarding the color we chose for the basement. The former owner had "finished" the basement before I bought the house. The color could be best described as dark Pepto-Bismol. It was bad. The dark color really absorbed all the light (provided then by 3 canned lights). I knew that we wanted a lighter color to give the basement a more open feel. Also, some of the walls that he had built were done very poorly - a dark color would expose he terrible drywall job. I did end up rebuilding many of the walls, anyway - he had furred out the walls using 2x2's 48" on center. Nice.

We like the look of the white trim, too, as we've seen it in other houses. We're very pleased with the colors - they do give the room an open feel, yet we haven't had a problem with the light reflecting back onto the screen.

The seating setup is an "L" mainly due to the fact that the furniture that is downstairs is what we had upstairs - we're used to the "L" setup. Now I wish I had some kind of tiered seating or something, but so far the L has worked out. I had people over for the first time last Saturday, and it seamed to work out ok. I'm sure we'll be tweaking it over the next couple of weeks.

Tonight I'll try to get some more information out there - construction photos, the original design, some sketches, and construction details. Just for fun I can list some of the great things the previous owner did. You know, I started this project as a novice - I had never used a circular saw before, and I never drywalled in my life. I went to the library, read some books, did some research, and gave it a shot. That guy just made it up as he went along - and it showed.

It's been a load road here, but it sure has been rewarding.

...and now for the baby room.....

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