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Issues with the Hisense 65H9F (1 Viewer)

Jorge Rod

Jul 2, 2002
Just wall-mounted my 65H9F. It is a beautiful TV. I watched The Avengers on Prime Video on UHD and looked really good. The same for Netflix Pets 2 (regular HD). I need to upgrade the Netflix to UHD tonight. But I noticed a couple of issues:

1. Reviews said this TV was great to watch sports and play video games. Currently watching the NFC Championship game (SF-Packers) on Sling TV, and the far camera shot of the game (when all 22 players are shown at the line of scrimmage) is pretty blurry around the body of each player. When they take a mid range close up or a real close up, it looks great. Can I fix that with calibration? It is a little less blurry with the regular HD antenna (vs. Sling), but still disappointing.

2. I got the TV connected to my Denon AVR 1909 receiver via a digital cable. I got a 5.1 SVS speaker set. When I select Dolby Digital Plus on the TV, I see the HD Audio light ON on my Denon, but no sounds comes out. The sounds is fine if I select Dolby Digital or PCM.

Any ideas how to fix these two issues?

What is the best way to calibrate this TV? I only have the Spears and Munsil HD Benchmark Blu-ray Edition. I do not have a 4K player, just a PS4 Pro and a regular Blu-ray player (Panasonic DMP-BDT230). I could probably borrow a Xbox 4K unit (Xbox One X).


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