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    I just happened to stumble onto ISF's webpage and noticed that they are having a seminar in my area this coming weekend. I realize it's probably too late to get to go this time, but I was just wondering if anyone had been to one of these two-day seminars.
    All I know about video is what they explain on Video Essentials and a little bit more about the content of video signals from some other reading. Is that the type of person they are geared towards, or would I have to know more to get anything out of it? I read the sample outline on the webpage, and it seemed like I would be able to follow what would go on, but I'm not completely sure. About how much does it cost to go?
    Thanks for any insight anyone can provide. I've done a lot of reading on the audio side of things, and now I'm ready to learn something about video [​IMG]
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    I would say go to the keohihdtv site and read up about the seminars there. There are a couple of detailed accounts of what all happens.


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