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  1. Chris Lambrou

    Jan 15, 2000
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    I want to get my tosh 40x81 set calibrated. I don't have any HDTV devices currently but will be getting a Nintendo Gamecube in November that has games which support 480p output. I'll probably get a progreesive scan DVD player this christmas aswell.
    My question is: should I wait to get the 480p devices before I call the ISF tech? I would hate to have my set properly calibrated and then find out that the HDTV compatible devices require another trip by the ISF tech.
    Thanks for any help
  2. Brett G

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    Apr 11, 1999
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    As far as HD signals, some techs have HD generators that allow them to calibrate your HD inputs without any real HD source.
    As far as your DVD player is concerned, it would probably be worth it to wait until you get your PS player before calibration. All the color temperature adjustments the tech does are directly related to the player used at the time. While the differences between two players may not be that great, they will be there. If you are spending $400 to get the temp correct, you don't want to risk altering the results by changing the players.
    Most other calibrations (mech/elec focus, convergence, SVM, etc.) are independent of your player.
    p.s. I just had my 65H80 calibrated by Michael TLV and it looks amazing. If you are a videophile and want your set looking the best, I hightly recommend it. The difference was subtle for me, but significant.
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