ISF Calibration in Portland, OR

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  1. ArnaudP

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    Jul 27, 2001
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    I got a Mits WS48311 a few weeks ago and I would like to get an ISF calibration in the next few weeks. I found a few names on the ISF website. I got a quote from Don Cline for $275 and it includes: convergence, gray scale alignment to D6500 Kelvin, basic geometry correction. This applies to one input/scan rate.
    Has anyone in Portland dealt with Don Cline or anyone else?
    How much should I be paying? What else should be done to my set?
    Thanks in advance for the info.
  2. Michael TLV

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    Mar 16, 2000
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    Michael Chen

    Don has quoted the basic ISF SRP for an RPTV. This is what you should expect to pay ... although convergence is usually extra.

    Some also charge for service calls.

    The quote is for a basic oil change service. Full tune up calibrations cost more ... $400 to $600 or more ...

  3. Gregg Loewen

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    Gregg Loewen

    Im pretty sure Bob Jones gets up that way. Im also pretty sure he charges more but does a lot more for your set. Ive sent a note to him and perhaps he will respond here.


  4. Bill Slack

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    I would also make sure to get all inputs you plan on using calibrated (for me this is 480p and 1080i.)
    Gregg, you should just offer drive up to Portland on your way back from your roadtrip. I mean, you're already going a good 6k miles, right? What's a few thousand more? [​IMG]
    The most important things to me are correct convergence/geometry (you can learn do this yourself without too much trouble) and correct grayscale. I'm glad I went for the 'full tune-up' as Michael likes to call it (an analogy I've always liked!) though.
    That's a fine price, but I can't speak for Don's work. I know Michael and Gregg do top-notch jobs though. [​IMG]
  5. Robert P. Jones

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    Thanks Gregg, for alerting me to this thread.

    Anyone who wants me to check on an individual thread and give my 2 cents worth, should also email me with the link, like Gregg did.

    I am also on the ISF website, tho you would not have noticed me because I live in the SF Bay Area.

    I will be in Portland - Lake Oswego, actually, just South of Portland - next week for the last time for awhile, since I am selling my Mom's former home there, which closes on the 15th. I will be there from the 9th, next Tuesday, and renting the truck on the 14th, to load and drive down to CA with. After that, I will always be ready to come up for a cal tour, but I don't know exactly how often I will be there just for visits, anymore.

    I have spoken with Don Cline, who seems like a really great guy, and gave me some much appreciated pointers. He does these things on the side.

    For me they are my career.

    My basic cal package - starting at $450 plus travel for your primary scanrate, goes up from there - is a complete, stem to stern, fullspectrum, fullservice operation, including both kinds of focussing - optical via the Cantilever Technique, which I wrote, electrostatic including precision blue defocussing when necessary - plus a few other very integral and critical ops: general optics cleaning, geometry, high precision convergence using ALL points - including the invisible ones beyond the frame - resetting of user centers, greyscale, and optics cleaning - along with trimming up of the red push attenuation, as long as the varible attenuator is already installed and ready to go.

    It can also, for extra charges, include astigmatism correction, Scheimpfluge correction, deeper optics cleaning, red push correction either inside the service menu if available or via I2C interface, etc.

    A full listing of charges and services can be obtained by emailing me, and I will reply back to you with it. Please mention where you heard of me and where you are located, if interested.

    You can see my home RPTV - a 2000 model 65" Panny - as the front page of my website, below. Be sure the Brightness on your computer monitor is set correctly.

    Would love to optimize your performance while I am there, if you wish. Mits's are lots of fun, and deliver one of the absolutely BEST pix out there, once calibrated.

    Give me a call. My work, and that of Gregg and Michael and a few, very few others, puts the high res into your high def, and assures you that you are getting what you paid for.

    Mr Bob

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