ISF Calibration how much and what do they do??

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    I am getting a 65" toshiba. And have been hearing about the ISF calibrations done by certified techs. What do they do? And how much??

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    It is probably best to let a calibrator answer this one, but while we wait for that to happen, I can tell you this.

    The services performed can vary, widely, and the prices can vary. Most have some sort of "basic calibration" which they perform, often at a set price. Some have a few levels of these. Beyond that, everything depends upon how much YOU want or need to have them do. This is usually specified in advance, so everyone is clear. And, there are a few that perform some services that others do not do (that suddenly sounded so cheesy, didn't it... sorry!)

    Most of the prices I have seen fall anywhere between the $350 to $750 range. Why so much difference? Mostly, it is a matter of time.

    How many signals will you ask the calibrator to "tweak"? On many sets, the geometry needs to be set separately for different types of signals (480i, 480p, 1080i, for example). Some models require it be set for EACH INPUT. Thus, a guy who has a DVD, a laser disc, a satellite Direct TV feed, an over the air antenna, and a Playstation 2 might take four or five times as long just to set the geometry as another user. So, a calibrator tweaking a 64 point convergence may be talking many, many hours, just for this.

    Some of the more popular services include: Manual focus... electronic focus... setting the gray scale to the NTSC standard of 6500 (which requires a piece of equipment to even attempt)... convergence... turning off or adjusting SVM... color decoder adjustment (to eliminate red push, or green push, or green pull, for example)... making all or most of these settings the "default," so when the power goes, or you hit the AV reset button, you revert to the new calibrated settings.

    Some of the less popular requests (which are sometimes done): installing Devetayne... lens hood adjustment... flashing the EEPROM settings on the set, using a PC, to fix some settings which are locked out from service menus...

    I have read of ISF calibrations which were over in a half a day or less. I ahave also read of some which went all day, and late into the night (thirteen and fourteen hours). I have also read of a few where the calibrator had to return the next day, for a day and a half job.

    Finally, some of these calibrators tour, and travel. The price may vary a lot depending on where you live, and whether you can arrange for a tour, so others are "sharing" the travel expenses, or making it worthwhile for the calibrator to travel.

    Hopefully, an ISF calibrationists will chime in, here.

    -Bruce in Chi-Town

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