iScan vs. DVD player w/ digital processor

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    So I have the 42FD9932 Philips. Definately entry level plasma. The sell the e-box processor for about $900 if you can find one. Other option that I have found is the iScan Pro ($500 bones probably).

    My question is whether some of the newer DVD players w/ digi processors essentially do the same as the iScan and if you could use it either as a cable box for digital cable or run the outputs from cable box into DVD to utilize the signal enhancing quality.

    I'm a newbie... but have tried the FAQs and am confused to say the least.
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    As far as I know, there are no DVD players that allow you to use their internal scalers on external sources. It is for the DVD player's progressive output only.

    I own the Iscan Pro V2, and I use it for Satellite, PS2, SVHS, and Laserdisc. Considering the built in scaling on my Mitsubish RPTV is crap, the Iscan is a huge improvement. My DVD player utilizes its own scaler.

    My guess is that the Iscan Scaler is better than the "ebox"

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