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Discussion in 'Displays' started by DarylA, Mar 26, 2004.

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    I am interested in purchasing/using the iscan pro line doubler in my home theater. I have a Hitachi 43" Widescreen HD Ready RPTV Model #43FWX20B. I keep reading a bunch of information but have not come across anything that clearly states that I can use the iscan with this rptv. I know it may seem basic and maybe I don't get it but... is the iscan compatible/usable with my type of rptv? Thanks for any help answering my stupid question.
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    If your HDTV is capable of accepting a 480p image through its Component inputs, it'll work. You may need to buy an adapting cable, but it will work. The Iscan I have has VGA outs, so I have to use a cable that has VGA on one end, and component RCA on the other. I use one at home for my satellite, Laserdisc, SVHS, and PS2. My DVD player is the Denon 2900, so I use its built in silicon scaler. If your DVD player has a quality internal scaler, you may not need an Iscan, but if you are using it to process other sources, like I am, then youll see an improvement.

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