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    I am at my wits end!
    I have two Pioneer DV-F727 301-disc DVD Changers. Currently, they are hooked up as a Master/Slave combination with the S-Video output of the Master changer going into a DVDO iScan Pro S-Video Input. From there, the output goes into my Component Input on my Mitsubishi WS-55907.
    Before purchasing the second DVD unit, I had the video output from the Pioneer to the iScan Pro input via component video cables. I had an awesome 480p output to the RPTV. Unfortunately, the engineering of the Master/Slave functionality between two of these Pioneer DVD units prevents me from utilizing component output. I now have to use S-Video out from the Master Pioneer DVD player to the iScan Pro. I notice a duller picture as a result.
    My Mitsubishi WS-55907 has three component video inputs (one for the HDTV - taken up by my satellite setup and the others for 480i/p component input). I have separated the two DVD units at this point. However, I only have one of the units going through the iScan Pro, then out to the TV. This signal is output at 480p. The other DVD player is connected via component video to the last free component input on my RPTV.
    The problem is...
    The second DVD player's picture is out put at 480i.
    Being a somewhat more advanced novice (but by no means a professional) at HT, I was thinking that I could try using RCA Y-Adapters (2 female > 1 male) input into my iScan Pro's component video inputs. Hopefully, this would produce (with the lease amount of effort) the ability to run both DVD players (obviously not at the same time) through the iScan Pro.
    The other option (albeit much more complicated due to wiring) is to run the component outputs from the DVD players through my B&K AVR307 receiver. This DOES have two component video inputs with one component output. The output could go to the iScan Pro's component input. But again, this would require MUCH more effort on my behalf.
    Will the Y-Adapters work? If so, how much loss will I expect? The adapters do not specify audio-only).
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    You can run all of HDTV, 480p, and 480i through your receiver's component inputs, provided that the same input jack bank on the TV can handle all those kinds of component video. Since the iScan component inputs take only 480i (they don't pass through HDTV) you could not both run the HDTV to the A/V receiver and the A/V receiver output to the iScan input.
    (If the A/V receiver component inputs don'thave enough bandwidth or are not exactly 75 ohms, the HDTV picture may be softened a bit or show ghosts)
    For two DVD players, going through the A/V receiver really should not be a lot of trouble. After all, you are probably using the A/V receiver to select the audio from the DVD players vs. VCR, etc.
    You can also use a manually switched nonpowered A/V switch box to feed your choice of 480i component sources to one iScan component input jack cluster. Use the yellow jacks for the Y cables.
    Do not use Y connectors. The video signal will develop ghosts going up the other cable leg and bouncing back, even when the other DVD player is turned off.
    How did you arrive at this question? You said one of your DVD players could not output component, only S-video. So you don't have the problem of too many component sources for the iScan jacks available.
    >>> The problem is... The second DVD player's picture is out put at 480i.
    The iScan solves this problem, and you said the iScan does it well. If you had a progressive player, you could use the switch box for 480p switching, between the progressive DVD player, the iScan, and the TV component jacks, to choose whether the iScan or the directly connected DVD player is going to be used.
    Folks on this forum have reported that powered remote control A/V switch boxes don't work as well for component video, some picture quality is lost, more so with 480p.
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