Is WEGA a good match for Dishnet?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dan Schafer, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. Dan Schafer

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    Jul 11, 2001
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    After much research (including this excellent forum, I should add), I think I have narrowed my choices down.
    I am leaning towards a Sony Wega, possibly the KV32FV27.
    It meets all my needs (4:3 ratio, flat screen, enhanced 16:9 mode for DVDs, excellent looking picture) but I have one concern. We watch plenty of DVDs, but if the majority of the time will be spent watching DSS, is this still the best choice?
    If I move up to 36" will I really start to notice "pixellization" (is this the right term?) from my DSS, or is that already noticeable just by moving up to 32"?
    Any reason I should consider a 43" RPTV instead, assuming a similar price range?
    Thanks everyone.
    FYI: Here is my current HT setup:
    Denon AVR-2800 Receiver
    Pioneer DV-333 DVD Player
    Dishnet Model 5000
    Realistic HiFi VCR (older but still performs well)
    Yamaha YST-SW160 Powered Sub
    Mix of BIC and Optimus Front, Center, and Rear Speakers
    Zenith 27" PIP (crappy picture, boot it for a WEGA?)
  2. Tom Pielech

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    Jan 26, 1999
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    I have a 32" WEGA and Dishnet 500 system with a Dish 5000 receiver. I can assure you that it looks fine. I live in Houston and have not had problems with pixels or such including getting the Houston locals via Dish. Just make sure you get the best possible signal from your Dish when it is installed.
    If you want to tweak the set more here is what I do. I calibrated my WEGA using AVIA. I then made some small adjustments to the "Standard" mode of the WEGA. I use the Standard mode to watch Dish stuff and then switch to Movie mode to watch DVDs. I generally keep the WEGA in standard mode since my kids and wife couldn't care less about changing modes. They watch movies in standard mode and they look great. I just try to go for the best possible picture.

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