Is timbre match important up front?

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  1. Justin Ward

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    Jun 6, 2002
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    Since I bought the CRS -159 surround package(Kenwood Center and 2 surrounds) and I am going to be using Technics Floor standers for L/R will the sound be unbalanced? Since I only paid $100 Canadian for the surround set and it has a suggested retail of $150 American I wouldn't mind replacing the center down the road a lttle. However, if I find that the sounds stay consistent among the front even though they are not matched should I try to find mathcing speakers? If it sounds good to ME why should I bother right?

    Another question, since I do not have a sub yet, when I get my reciever will I be able to redirect all bass(including LFE) to my main speakers(which are very capable with 10" woofers)? Or would I only be getting bass from the L/R channels and not the LFE?
  2. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    i think timbre matching the fronts is important, but like you said...if you don't notice a difference then don't bother.

    i do suggest you try to find some material that has good left-to-right panning and see if you notice a difference though.

    when you get your receiver, you will tell it whether you have a sub or not. if you don't, the receiver will channel all the lfe to your mains.
  3. Joe Tilley

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    Jan 1, 2002
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    Justin,IMHO if it sounds good to you that's all that matters.However if everything is matched the end results will be much more pleasing.
    Fox example say your front mains are a 3way system with a 10" woofer 4" mid & 1" tweeter,than your center is a 2way with two 5&1/4" woofers & 1" tweeter,well leave the surrounds out for know.Now say your watching a movie with some big tank driving from left to right making all kinds of different noise.When the sounds starts from the left it would sound more full range.Than going through the center its gonna seam to shrink less bass,different mid range,treble gets more detailed all the sudden,than out the right you get the full range sound again. The whole time your setting there thinking WTF because the sound changes made the tank seam to hop across the screen instead of smoothly passing over it.
    This is the whole idea to timber matching your speakers,everything is much more fluid like & will make the surround experience much better.
    I've been in the same spot as you before & beleve me it can make a very big difference in how sound effects come off.
    In the end though we all are limited to what our budget's will allow,or what your own personal tastes are so the biggest thing is to do what you like best,if it sounds right to you that's all that counts.
    Good luck with it[​IMG]....
  4. John Garcia

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    Set the center and surrounds to small, all bass will be routed to the mains (which probably do not go low enough to handling true LFE anyway). The center/surrounds that you described before definitely should be set to small.

    Timbre matching the front three speakers is one of the MOST important things, however unless the center sounds VERY different from the mains, I think it will work just fine until you can upgrade down the road. You answered your own question already, I think. If it sounds good to YOU, that's what matters.

    My first Pro-logic system was the same way. I had large mains that I rebuilt with better components (donated to my brother now), and a 3-piece center/surround package which sounds exactly like the one you purchased, no sub. At the time, it was all I could afford and it did it's job. I started upgrading component by component, starting with the three mains and adding a sub, then matching surrounds and upgraded the receiver a few times. My new receiver alone cost more than my whole first system.

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