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Jun 8, 2002
Hi All,
It seems the more I read up on projectors, the more confused I get. At the moment I have a Kodak V600, which is a PolySi LCD based SVGA projector, and I was planning on upgrading to the HP XB31 which is a DLP based XGA projector.
As this upgrade will cost about $7,500 Australian, I want to be 100% sure that the picture quality of the HP over the Kodak warrants the expense. The main problem I have with the Kodak is that bright colours seem to get very washed out (i.e. bright sunny blue skies go from light blue to white), which I think is due to the low contrast ratio (200:1), but as I have little to no experince with other projectors, I have no basis for comparison.
Another problem is that the pixels are quite noticable (to my eyes anyway), and blacks are more of a dark grey than black. Movies are still quite watchable, and my girlfriend is wondering what I'm making a fuss over, I'm just very fussy, and want the best I can have in my price range.
I was under the impression that the picture quality of a DLP projector over an LCD projector was quite extreme, is this assumption correct, and do you think this upgrade is worth it? Thanks for your help.


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Oct 5, 1999
I don't think that as a general rule that DLP's are automatically better then LCD's. DLP projectors usually allow better blacks than LCDs. It also depends on what you are projecting onto, ambient light, etc.., although I am sure you already know that. Can you return the HP if you aren't satisfied? I think there is a member on this forum that uses that HP projector, did you try a search to see if any posts show up? If not, try www.avscience.com and look at their digital projector forums, maybe you will find some more options. Hope this helped.
Jun 8, 2002
Thanks for the tips Tim;)
I had a demo of a XGA DLP, and was very impressed. At the moment I'm undecided between the HP XB31 and the Compaq iPAQ MP 4800.

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