Is this too far apart for my surrounds?

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  1. John Tyrone

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    Dec 2, 2000
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    I have a very big family room, the kitchen,dining, and living room are one room with no walls and vaulted ceilings. From where my sweetspot listening position is, I could mount the side surrounds 8ft up on the wall. The left speaker will be close, around 13ft, and the right surround will be 17 ft. away.

    10 ft. behind my sofa I could mount rear center surrounds on the back wall on top of the kitchen cabinets.

    The tv monitor is just left of center on the front wall, to the left of the fireplace.

    I ran some tests with extra wire and fooled around with placement. I did like the sides much better than directly behind me on the back wall,(too easy to know where they were). I didn't mess with the balance or delay from the sides but you could here the closer one easier...

    I guess another option could be ceiling mounted but the speakers would be a different height considering they'll be mounted on the left side of the vaulted part...

    Any help or ideas I'm overlooking??

  2. Mike LS

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    Jun 29, 2000
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    I think you answered your question when you did your experiment.

    Mount them on the side wall and calibrate your system. With only a 3 or 4 foot difference between them, allowing for the difference with your calibration should take care of it. You probably wouldn't even have to use the delay settings.

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