Is this the end of Apex or what?

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    There's a post now over on nerd-out:
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    I know the Hub Group. They are a transportation company that mainly ship in the continental United States via railcars. They handle some of the shipments from our paper mill. They make pickups with their container trucks and then offload them onto railcars in Atlanta for shipment all over. I no longer work in the traffic/shipping department but when I did, we had trouble with on-time delivery because of them. Just before I left, the problem was being righted.
    Check out this web page covering Apex at CES 2002:
    Notice the following:
    The by-now-famous, but elusive, AD-7701 about which we were first to break the news from CES last year. Steve Brothers, Apex Senior VP, told me at the Apex press conference that they had been having supply problems with this model, but they were now solved, so more units are becoming available.
    That’s right, everyone has had a hard time getting the 7701 even with Apex already planning the release of the 7702.
    What’s really going on behind the scenes? Who knows? May be a buyer refused delivery. It’s really anyone’s guess.
    P. S. Unfortunately, it isn’t one of the best players out there. But with its feature set and price ratio, no one should expect too much anyway.

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