Is this Sub position bad?

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    First i'll draw you a diagram of the room

    I I__TV____ ___I I
    I-----------------SOI 25FT
    I-----------SOFA -----I
    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I

    sub= PDR12
    The room is 20x25ft. All the seating is in the top half with a computer area on the other end of the room. most people suggest to put the sub in the front wall but there is an entertainmet center with the tv along most of the front. So theres no room there. I first put it in the S1 position in the corner but the bass sounded bloaded and boomy and it seemed to be traped in that corner. I then moved it to the S2 position and this made the sub sound much better with much more impact. But it still sounded boomy at high volumns. I stuffed one of the ports and raised the sub off the ground about a foot and again the sound improved significantly. I think that I'll leave it here but i'm concerned that the sub is to close to the listening position(sofa). it might be so close that it messes up the image of the other speakers. Also does anyone know If raising the sub relly does help. I think it does and I might raise it one more foot to ear level if there are principles that would support this. Also the S3 is the last position but I dobt that this would work very well. thanks in advance for any advice.
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    You can eliminate all the “bloated and boomy” sound and tighten up your sub’s performance with parametric equalizer. This would allow you to put the sub in the front corner and take advantage of the extra gain and extension that comes natural from corner placement.
    The most effective and cheapest way to accomplish this is with the digital Behringer Feedback Destroyer equalizer, a test disc with 1/6-octave sine waves, and a SPL meter.
    Take a look at this this link and you can see before and after graphs showing the dramatic improvement in response the Behringer can accomplish.
    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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