Is this speaker layout reasonably OK?

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    Here is where I propose to place my HT speakers. Please offer comments:
    Room size is 12' x 22' with 8' ceiling. Our 36" tv is 7' from one end of long wall. Seating is along rear wall, directly across from TV (approx 10ft away).

    1. Right and Left Front speakers mounted on wall near ceiling and pointed toward center seats. Each speaker would be approx. 6 ft to side of TV center, i.e., 12 ft. apart.
    2. Front Center speaker on wall pointing toward center seats and located over TV center.
    3. Subwoofer on floor just to side of TV.
    4. Left Surround mounted on wall near ceiling, 7' directly to left of center seats.
    5. Right Surround mounted on wall near ceiling, 14' directly to right of center seats. (Mounting on the far wall is about the only choice, otherwise it would have to be mounted on rear wall, near ceiling, just behind and to right of center seats.
    6. Rear Center, if I get one, mounted on wall near ceiling and just behind the center seats. It would be pointed approx 45 deg. down.

    As probably is the case with most of us, there has to be compromises in speaker location. I'm not particulary happy that the left surround is 7' away and right surround is 14' away. But unless that is unacceptable, and please let me know if it is, that is where they will be.
    Also, is rear center speaker of much importance? That is, with the seats just in front of the rear wall and with the left and right surround speakers located practically next to the rear wall, would I notice much sound coming from the rear center speaker?
    I thank you for your comments?
  2. Rob Dawn

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    You should be OK with that rear set up. Unfortunately most of us have to deal with our Home Theater being in a family/living room and things like this are often unavoidable. Fortunately, Dolby Digital receivers should allow you to specify the distance away each speaker is from the seating position to solve this problem.

    Just be sure to set up the speakers correctly in your receivers set up section and get an SPL meter and a set up disc to properly calibrate ALL your speakers. Then you probably won't even notice the difference in the rear speakers distance.


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