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Jun 22, 2008
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Im not sure if this is the right forum to post this, so please tell me if I need to be in a different one. Ive been trying for hours to set this up, and cant seem to get it working. I have HD Cable, but I know the HD cannot be recorded onto a DVD. The Cable Box allows me to get, lets say, channels 1-300 (none being in HD, the HD ones are 700s). If I did not have the cable box, I would get about 1-80.

I was able to setup the equipment and record any channel 1-80 (the ones I can get without the cable box). I tried then tuning the DVR to channel 115 and it would not find it in the DVR. Is there a way to set it up and record those extra 220 channels that I can only get through my cable box? Ive been researching and looking for answers and keep finding various different responses. Some say its not possible, some say its possible with an A/B switch, some say I can do it, but I wont be able to watch another channel while recording, some say I can record and watch another channel, some say I need to split the cable signals. Its all very confusing. I guess my question is, how can I setup the equipment to allow me to record the channels I can get only through my cable box, and still watch another channel while recording?

I'll be as detailed as possible:

I have a Panasonic DMR-EZ27 Recorder. The plugs on back consist of:
RF Out
1 set of Component Video (Green, Blue, Red)
2 Sets A/V In (Red, White, Yellow)
1 Set A/V Out (Red, White, Yellow)
1 Optical
2 S Video

I have a Cox Cable HD Cable Box. The back consists of:
RF "Cable In"
S Video
1 Set A/V Out (Red, White, Yellow)
1 Set A/V In (Red, White, Yellow)
1 SPDIF (Orange)
1 Component Set (Green, Blue, Red)

I have a brand new Sony TV with bunches of plugs in the back that will all match up to what I have on the DVR and the Cable Box.
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Stephen Tu

Apr 26, 1999

Sure, just connect the AV out of the cable box into the AV in of the DVD recorder. Actually use S-video + audio preferably. When you want to record off the cable box rather than chs < 100 straight off the cable, just find the "input select" or similar button on the DVD-R and cycle to the appropriate line in.

Note that if you do a digital ch scan on the DVD-R you may find a few unscrambled digital channels (usu locals), though they will be on funky channel numbers sometimes. You can record these straight off the cable which can be useful.

If you want maximum flexibility in terms of watching one thing while recording another, you'll want to split RF feed cable from the wall 3-ways between TV, DVD-R, cable box. There's no problem watching/viewing another, although you will only be able to view one encrypted digital channel at a time. The other has to be tunable by analog (ch < 100) or clear QAM digital (locals, some random other channels).

BTW your recorder is referred to as a "DVD-R"; DVRs are typically assumed to be hard-drive recorders. Also I highly recommend getting a DVR (whether renting from cable company or TivoHD), so that you can record in actual high definition. Also you get the incredibly useful features of being able to record up to two shows simultaneously while watching either or a third previously recorded show. A DVR makes it convenient to basically record every single show you ever watch, and view them on demand, skipping over commercials. It's just a totally different, more powerful paradigm than DVD-R. More expensive but worth it, I would give up all other HT equipment except the TV itself before the DVR.

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