Is this projector right for me????

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Terry_RD, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Looking for some imput before I get into far to change my plans.
    I picked up a marquee 1810 with a bad Blue CRT for free and proceeded to purchase a service manual and nice used blue crt for 250.00 and installed it.I checked the service mode and it has 10,000 hours in use and 30,000 hours in stand-by. I was also informed that all the CRT's were replaced over the last 3 years. So now I have the projector and have always wanted to setup a HT.I am anxious to know if this is a good start or not

    I have a room that is 25ft long,15ft wide, with /finished ceiling 7ft. This is not going to be a dedicated HT room but will also double as a play room. It presently hasn't been finished, but I will be starting in the next month.

    I plan to put my 32" Wega down stairs with a ceiling mount screen that comes down in front of the Wega for my big screen enjoyment.

    Is this too much projector for my limited space or is this a dinosaur that should be retired? I would prefer to go with rear projection but it appears that may limit my screen size too much due to the distance requirements (If I am wrong please tell me) so I will probally end up going with a ceiling mount.

    Also I have been looking at the throw distance formulas, are those sizes for screen size to throw set in stone or is there some play in that without degrading image quality?

    I have been reading what I can find on the 8110 but would be interested in hearing from anyone that is familiar with this make and model.

    Please excuse my long post.
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    Neil Joseph
    Moving to Displays. I will chime in later.
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    So you're into this projector for less than $300.00

    Less than 3yrs on the CRT's, makes it a keeper. Yes, CRT's are huge, but you have a great size room for it. Mount it back from the screen 12-14ft and you'll have about a 100" diagonal display. I don't know much about this projector, but if you know your way around the set-up screens and controls, you will have a nice image. set it up and use it for a year or so, once you have a 100" screen, nothing else will satisfy you. Enjoy.

    Welcome to the HTF.


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