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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by SCcobra4me, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Is it possible to play youtube music through my receiver? I see others using their PC as a DVD player, I just wonder if I can play music off it through my stereo.

    Also, is it possible to transfer music from my blu ray (CD) player to my IPOD? If these are ridiculous requests I apologize, I don't play around with this stuff that much.
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    If your PC is close then connect the line out to any stereo input on the receiver. Set the PC's volume to the appropriate level. Or get a Samsung Blu-Ray player that has native support of YouTube. I can surf YouTube and play the video/audio without a PC.

    Blu-Ray to iPod without a PC between them is impossible unless the Blu-Ray player is in a PC. Why would you want to take a high quality audio source like BD and compress it down to iPod quality. And I'll bet that someone comes along and smacks us both on the hand for discussing how to get around digital copy protection. This topic has been forbidden here for years.
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    Most PCs have line-level stereo audio inputs and outputs. Their signals are compatible with your receiver and BD player, but you may need an adapter. It would connect between your PC's stereo audio connections (usually a small diameter pin-jack) and the RCA style red/white cables that are used by home audio equipment. Adapters and cables are readily available at stores like Radio Shack and Best Buy.

    Most Blu-ray players have red/white stereo analog audio output connections. You can connect those directly (using an adapter) to your PC's stereo audio input connection, or you can cable them to an input on your receiver and cable one of the receiver's stereo red/white output connections to the PC.

    You'll only be able to record stereo audio that is connected to your receiver using red/white connections. You can't record audio coming to it by either HDMI or digital audio connections. (i.e. stereo analog audio is upconverted to digital or HDMI, but not downconverted from them to stereo analog.)

    You may need to get appropriate PC software for recording its audio input in MP3 format, but some probably was included with your PC.

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