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Is This a Good Speaker and Sub Package??? (1 Viewer)


Nov 21, 2001
First off, welcome to the home theater forum.
I have listened to the system your referring to, but only in a showroom and only briefly, so I can only comment on Polk speakers in general.
My daughter currently has Polk RT 35 I's in her bedroom and I really love them, good soundstage, non-fatiguing, etc. For the money, Polks are generally considered a nice value for what you get. They appear very well constructed and have a reliable reputation. Their subs are not as applauded as their other speakers however.
I'd set the Home Theater Forum to go back 100 days. The window for doing so can be found in the upper right section of the Home Theater Forum page. After doing so, I'd do a search of the Polks you are interested in and see what you can find.
I might also suggest you go to one of the chains, especially Fry's, that sell Polks near you and go have a listen. From what I've seen lately, there have been some unbelievable sales on Polk speakers going on.
Here's a link with suggestions on Polks and a Polk center channel that just happened in the last week or so. The floorstanding Polks on sale for $198/pair really sound nice in my opinion. So, if you were able to get those, plus some rears, you'd still probably save a considerable amount over the system you refered to, unless, of course, those too were on sale. You'd also be able to splurge on a great sub that would most likely be vastly superior to the Polk sub. Folks around these parts love subs like SVS (probably the best) and Hsu or Adire (fantastic value for top notch subs).
If you decide the Polks aren't for you, I'd suggest you post how much you want to spend and you'll receive many suggestions on alternative ways to go.

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