Is there a Behringer Feedback Destroyer in my future?

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    I built a DIY sub based on a Dayton 12" DVC, an Adire PR15X weighted to 750 grams and a 3.3 ft3 box. I took the following measurements using a Rat Shack SPL meter. The measurements were taken from about 8 ft away. Correction factors were used. The room is 13.5' X 23' and is connected to another 14' X 20' room with a double doorway (no doors).

    Freq db

    20 90

    25 90

    32 92

    40 90.5

    50 97.5

    63 93

    80 98

    100 97

    When I modeled my sub, It looked pretty flat from 100 hertz to the f3 of 21 hertz. Are the problems in the curve room modes. I located a BFD at Mars Music today for $129. I think I may buy it and give it a try.
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    I think the best way to get an actual reading of the sub without room interaction is to do a near field test. It would be nice if you could do this outside, but if not possible, in the room with the meter at a foot would give a more accurate reading than at 8 feet. You might try 1/6 octave readings to get a better read.

    Either way, if its the sub or the room, an equalizer will easiliy get rid of your problem. The rise at the upper frequencies is curious, you didn't state whether this a reading with a crossover in the path or whether you also had your mains on at the time. Either would explain the rise. The simple peak at 50Hz is likely a typical room mode that can be equalized out. If you don't remove it, you'll be listening and setting your sub level to this frequency and end up with a bit of "one-note" bass.


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