Is the Panny 72/82 overkill for a 36" standard TV?

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  1. Jason Spencer

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    Apr 5, 2002
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    I currently have a Samsung m101 (yuck) that works OK but has some issues. I'm planning to upgrade soon, but currently have a JVC 36" standard view TV. I have component video, but no progressive scan. I would like to upgrade, but I'm still not sure I'm ready for HDTV yet (especially the 2 grand it will set me back). I may upgrade in the future, but it may be a few years.

    My question: Should I go ahead and get a 72 (or 82) if I won't be using progressive scan? I want to get something that will play a movie from start to finish (my Samsung often stops in the middle and I have to get up and play with it to get it working). I also want good color and minimal artifacts. Do I have to spend $230 to get a good picture and dependable playback, or can I get something a little cheaper and not notice (rp62)? Thanks for any help...
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    Neil Joseph
    If I were planning to update my DVD player today it would have to have good progressive scan but I am willing to wait until players that do not have the chroma bug become more readily available. What issues do you have with the Samsung?
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    I was thinking about going the CP72 route. I think they are pretty close internally but not identical in all the processing components. The RP82 is made in Japan and all of the Panny changers are made in Singapore. Not that this is necessarily bad but they are definately coming off of different assembly lines even they use some of the same components.

    Even if you don't use the progressive feature, the general consenus is that both the CP72 and RP82 use the better MPEG decoder found in the RP91. The RP62 and CP67 use the lower quality decoder. This is not the same thing as the Sage/Faroudja deinterlacer that everyone raves about. All Panny players with Prog Scan use that, but their recoders don't for some reason. So overall I don't think the CP72 or RP82 would be overkill. The price is only between $50 and $100 more compared to good non prog scan models. The chroma bug is not present in the Panny players.

    I am in the same boat. Like you, I want the prog scan feature in what I buy today but I currently can't swing or justify the cost of $2k for HD monitor.

    Good luck

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