Is the classic tv on dvd market being killed off?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Phyll, Apr 28, 2009.

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    One of the problems is that there are fewer and fewer stores around to stock DVDs. Tower went out of business and that was a huge hit. And shelf space is limited and will always go to the newer, more well-known shows. So that basically leaves the internet, as as you pointed out, many, many people either don't have computers, don't shop on-line or don't know where to find these shows or even to look for them. It's a big problem and not one that there may be a solution to. Other than CBS/Paramount, the other majors have gotten out of the vintage TV business anyway, it seems like.
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    I'm not much for paying BB's prices but when I do meander in there I see a fair amount of classic TV on DVD. Just recently I did make a rare purchase there and picked of the Wyatt Earp TV show. While there I noticed copies of Route 66, M Squad, Perry Mason, Wagon Train, I Love Lucy, That Girl, Honeymooners and plenty more. Granted there are usually only one or two items of each on the shelves, but they were there. Maybe that's not the case at all BB's. The reality is that it's a nitch product the same as most of the old pre-60' catalog titles (other than the top 100 rated ones).
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    Surprisingly, one of the best stores around for stocking classic TV is Sam's Club. CBS/Paramount titles are a constant presence. And it's the only place around here that regularly stocks Timeless releases. I've also seen titles from Shout!, Image, Arts Alliance America and Mill Creek.

    I think it reflects what demographic Sam's attracts.

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